Saturday, June 19, 2010

The even tof the Summer

I can not get over how funny this picture of Deacon "shooshing" Curt before the movie had even started.
This may be one of the best pictures ever.
He seriously sat so quiet and still for the full half hour we sat in the theater before the movie started.
Me and Deacon waiting in line before we went in to the theater.
He really wanted to climb this more than pose by it. I love that it is a big 3 since that is just what Deacon is.
He needed to sit on his Dads lap for the last few minutes.
Isaac Lesley and Will came with us. In the last minutes when Deacon was sitting on Curt's lap I heard him saying " that's my friend Will!" It made me so happy.
Of course he had to bring his very favorite Woody and Buzz that Laura bought him for his birthday. Seriously he has not parted with those two since she gave them to him over a month ago. We loved the movie it was adorable of course. Although I can not help but feel just a tiny bit sad that it was the last one, just a tiny. And do not laugh if I tell you I cried.


Lisa B. said...

We are having a wonderful time up here, but I am a little bit blue that I missed this event with you guys. (I would have been invited, right?) Looks like it's a lot of fun.

jamie said...

Can't wait to take chase to see it. Also I cry very it's possible that I to will cry.

Sophia said...

We will defiantly see it again with you when you come back.

Laura said...

CUTE! i can't wait to see it and i'm so glad he still loves those toys!

Karen S said...

Toy Story 3 was a big event here too. The kids were so excited and haven't stopped talking about the movie since.