Friday, November 12, 2010

This that and Las Vegas

Curt eating Kira's jello popcorn balls from their childhood.
I will know if my Dad actually reads my blog when he see where we ate in Las Vegas.

This foot massager is the absolute best thing in Kira's house, I have had with drawls.
Kira proudly displays her popcorn balls.
I made vanilla raspberry cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese white chocolate frosting, whew!
Love this ensemble.
A great little creperie we ate at.
Deacon enjoyed a spaghetti dinner in Las Vegas. I swear Deacons favorite part was staying in a hotel with us in Las Vegas on our way down. When we got our room I told Curt "oh this is not too bad" so the rest of the night Deacon kept saying "its not too bad mom! its not too bad!"

Each meal we went out for we brought tons of entertainment with us! Deacon was pretty good for the most part.
Proof we went to Las Vegas. One night in California we went out to my Aunt Tina and uncle Jim's house and saw my cousins Pip Calvin and their families. It was so great to see them as we pulled away I told Curt "we did not take one picture!" bummer, I was really glad to see them.
We had a great time staying at Kira's house, she is a awesome host. Deacon was perfect in the car, no tears or fits for the whole twenty hours or so we drove. So glad we went. Lets make it a annual trip!


Steve said...

eatin at Canes. what a treat

Lisa B. said...

fun fun fun--I love that spaghetti picture--it's like he could dive headfirst into it!

Old World Underground said...

Deacon is getting so big SOPH!!