Sunday, June 15, 2008

To our Dads

We are lucky enough to have three peolpe we call dad. We love each of them so much and each in a different way. We want to wish them each a very happy Fathers day and thank them for being so fantastic. To Curtis' dad John thank you for always being so willing to help us with different projects especially making our home a better place. I will never forget when we were engaged he offered to make us a coffee table, it was the only piece of nice furniture in our first apartment! Now that we have our own home he has done countless projects to make it a nicer place for us to be! To my stepdad John we are so glad we have our own walking talking history book, it is fun whenever I talk about a fun resturant or store I have been to in town and he can tell me what the resturant was 15 years ago! We also appreciate how willing he is to go with the flow, not always easy in a big bossy family, we love having the "calm in the storm." And last but not least to my Dad Steve, we are so appreciative of the guidance and advice he has given us, not only financially but in many other aspects of our lives. We love playing aggravation and having family night at his house. I am especially thankful for my dad and how smart and loving he is. Happy fathers day to three great fathers!
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