Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Youth Conference 2010

The whole Gang, I was not super stoked about being responsible for these girls on the side of a huge mountain.
This prank the girls played the last night was hilarious. Just picture all these glow sticks in the pitch dark doing the robot, pretty good.
Daren thought we did not make enough BBQ beef, we showed him by making him eat all the leftovers out of Dave's Bare hands.
The goofy face picture.
Me and Chrissy. Love her.
Snowbird was so beautiful, the location could not have been more perfect.
This was a team game that made for some excellent pictures.
Can you believe I hike up that whole huge mountain? Whew!
Thank heavens for Lindsay who blew up this air mattress not once but Twice (after I left the cap open whoops!) for us to sleep on. Love her.
I conquered my fear of falling to my death of a ski lift.
I made sure to document my near death experience.
The YW who were there on top of the mountain.
Us on the tram on the way up. Talk about claustrophobia. I guess I have something with heights.

Youth conference was so awesome, I went in thinking I would have some fun but it was SO FUN. We camped up above snowbird and it was beautiful. We shared a campsite with a mom and baby moose (thought my Grandpa Orme would like to hear that!) and tons of wild flowers and flowing streams. It was the perfect setting. One night at 11:00 pm we hiked to Cecret lake and it is now one of my favorite things I have done, ever. I was so proud of all the kids that were able to come, they were so great. I loved staying up waaaaay to late every night with Chrissy Lindsay and Mary (I missed you Holly!) I am lucky to serve with people I enjoy so much.


Amelia said...

This sounds awesome and you are an awesome youth leader!

Lisa B. said...

It looks like you had an amazing time. Those kids are lucky to have you--and also, what a blessing this calling is for you! I see so much joy in your face.

The Blanchard Family said...

You survived!! Ha ha. . .just kidding, it looks like you had a lot of fun! We need to get together soon!

LindsayAndrew said...

I loved this and you so much! Thanks for trying to blame all of your inappropriateness on me'! And your welcome for blowing up the mattress 3 times! Haha seriously haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! Look forward to snuggling you at our over nighter!

Holly said...

i missed you guys and so sorry i had to miss it!! it looks like a blast- will you reinact the robot skeletons one night at my house?