Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Butte

Once the weather was cooler my friend Jamie and I decided to take our kids to Red Butte Gardens. I am kicking myself for not going all Summer. It was perfect. The kids ran around and played and we got to catch up. Deacon and cute Chase climbing on the lizards.

Loved this picture of Deacon and Chase sharing the drinking fountain, it looks like they were being sweet but really I caught the picture in a moment were the pushing each other was on hold.
The lizards were a popular spot for these two.

So was the fountain, they loved it. Jamies little guy Cohen was there as well but I guess I was too busy chatting and taking pictures of these two spazs. So much fun.


jamie said...

I LOVE the pic of them at the drinking fountain. Def need to email me that one!

Lisa B. said...

Clearly I need to see you more often. These pictures make me miss you.