Monday, February 7, 2011


What is it about a fireplace? I love everything about it, the fire in it the mantle around it and the warm cozy feeling coming from it. The fireplace is on my favorite things about this little bungalow we call home.

Lately when we have been out and about Deacon will get nervous that I will not be able to find our way home. When we pull up to our house he always praises me "Yay! You found our house!" That boy sure has a way of making me feel good about myself.

Like when I am having a down day and we decide to make a fire in our beloved fireplace and he sits next to me and says "you wanna hold my hand? you are my sweetheart" I have decided the best thing about being a mother is being that person for someone. The person who finds our house when you think you are lost forever, the person that makes you a cozy fireplace when you feel down or tells you that you are their sweetheart.

And the even better part of being a mom is that sometimes Deacon does all those things for me.


LindsayAndrew said...

I want a fireplace so bad! And I'm impressed you found your way home too! Way to go!!

Lisa B. said...

I love this post. Shouldn't we be having breakfast soon?


Nesting with Grace and Faith said...

oh, that is so sweet...I love reading your blog. So much to offer your reader! ha! Funny, charming and thoughtful!

Amelia said...

Could that boy be any sweeter?

naptime nostalgia said...

Are you sure Curt is the father?