Tuesday, February 1, 2011

cold weather gives me the gimmies

Does this happen to anyone else?

I am so cold I need to go somewhere warm, like a cozy movie theater.
I am so cold I can not possibly cook dinner, I better get some cafe rio tortilla soup.
I am so cold, if I put up Valentines decor I will feel cheery and cozy.
I need to buy some more decor to really feel valentiney. (and warm)
I bet if I had another rug on my hardwood floors I would not be so cold.
I need to go to Old navy and look for a new bikini top for my trip to Hawaii on which I will not be cold.
I wish I had thicker cozier socks to make my feet warmer.
Ooooh a freshly baked treat would warm me up, but I probably should just buy it from Great Harvest, too cold too bake.
It is so freakin cold.
Why do I feel the need to spend money when it is cold. I gotta look into this.
I wonder if it is warm in Hobby Lobby or Roberts crafts?
Cleaning my house will probably warm me up, HA!
Everyone: it is way too cold today.


Lisa B. said...

I believe you have just defined a brand new syndrome. For me, the cold makes me want to climb into bed and stay there. I can work from there, read there, pet the dog from there, and chat with visitors. I don't really see any reason I should get *out* of bed, except to fetch a tasty snack, make a cup of tea, and then get back in bed. The end, until spring.

Alfie's mum said...

i wouldn't know because I literally didn't step outside my door once.

Jenny said...

i love rio soup, i just put up my valentines decor, i was thinking i need a new rug for my living room floor, today i emailed gar the warm weather vacations we have scheduled, can't live without my cozy smartwool socks from REI especially the knee highs, just got a loaf of great harvest bread today.

i loved this post! it's like you were writing about me! except i suck at decorating and doing crafts so we can take off the hobby lobby and roberts.

where is your shivers d.c. on this post? Even though it technically gives you the chills it warms your heart and soul right up.

Holly and Dave said...

this is so true!! i've just spent 2 hours looking for a gray and yellow rug, because i'm sure it will cozy up my family room, which will then make me feel cozy and warm. after that, i thought about a new bedroom set, a new couch, new chairs.... even though i don't need them, and i know that. so i turned up the heat instead ;)

Amy said...

I feel the exact same way. Exactly. It's miserable. We've gone out to dinner 99% of the nights in January. Stupid winter.