Monday, October 10, 2011

I say hell too often.

This four year old little boy picks up on everything, so it is no surprise that I have heard him say "what the hell?!" more than one time. My personal favorite is when he casually asks me "what is the not naughty word mom?" to which I respond "heck" and then Deacon replies "oh not hell?"
Oh boy.

Let me tell you about all the absolutely adorable things he says in addition to his profanities.

In his primary program a few weeks ago his teacher started to help him say his line, he quickly said "I don't need help!" and then said his part.

I love in the morning when he comes in our room and sings me the good morning song "good morning! good morning! how'd ya get so big!"

I love having Van and Will over on Wednesday afternoons, on one of those afternoons we went on a walk. Will was worn out and did not want to walk anymore so Deacon said "I am Optimus Prime! Grab my hand Will and I will help you!" Also on that walk when Deacon was fed up with Will he kept saying "William Steven Bickmore! Stop it!"

We had a blast visiting my Dad Dana and Abby in Baton Rouge, just yesterday Deacon asked me if we could "please please please go to Grandpa Steve's and have him take me to the park! please!"

We talked about stranger danger the other night so now Deacon knows to yell "that is not my mom, that is not my dad!" if he is ever in a stranger situation. We also taught him a family password in case someone tells him that they are supposed to pick him up or whatever. We told him the password is secret to only mom dad and Deacon. The next morning at breakfast with a bunch of people he proudly said "guess what! Our family password is (blank!)" Ha!

I could go on and on about this boy. I sure do love him.


Amelia said...

I love that Deacon. He can be my optimus prime anytime.

Lisa B. said...

>>I am Optimus Prime! Grab my hand Will and I will help you!

That is fantastic. What a great kid.

gilian said...

Every time I read this post I think about how much that boy is your kid--your stories about him remind me so much of you. Such zeal for life. Love it.

Lesley said...

He was cracking me up this weekend! When he decorated his McDonald's trick or treat bucket he said "My guy on my bucket can talk." I said "What does he say?" Then he responded in a scary voice with "I'm the imaginary trick or treat guy." Hilarious!! I also love when he says "Say 'oh.'" with a southern type accent.

DiaNe said...

these always make me laugh!