Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Heart

Was broken.
Is mending.
Has never been so full.
Grew this week in ways I never understood before.
Is bursting for gratitude for all the people in my life who love me.

Every sweet word written to me on this blog made me cry and feel so loved. A kind word goes a long way towards healing.

Try as I may I can never properly express my thanks to everyone who did such thoughtful things for me this week. Meals, cards, flowers, gifts visits, calls and texts.

I love you all. I will spend the rest of my life trying to serve the way I was served. I am a blessed girl.

One special thank you to my sweet mom xoxo.
So happy it is Thanksgiving.

p.s. putting your Christmas tree up a little early will help a sad heart. Heaven help me if anything like this ever happens in June.


naptime nostalgia said...

So happy you are feeling better! I love you and am so glad we are friends.

I was thinking maybe if putting up one Christmas tree helped your heart, maybe putting up another will help even more? I know we talked months ago about you doing my tree this year. I would love it if you are feeling up to it. No pressure though, since I do have Kai who will probably just tear apart the bottom third to smithereens.

The Blanchard Family said...

I know you say that you will spend forever serving those who have served you...but just so you know, you have already done that. Perhaps the reason so many are there to love and care for you now. I am certain that we have been friends much longer than our time on earth. Love you!

Amelia said...

Love you! Glad you are mending in so many ways.

Holly and Dave said...

Thinking of you everyday and so glad your heart is starting to piece back together. You are an example to so many, and I personally have learned how to serve from you. Love you so much.

And can't wait to see you and amy's tree. I'm hoping for a sailboat theme.

gilian said...

Continued big XO for you, missy.

ABick said...

love you soph. so glad you are starting to feel better. i am very excited to see you in a few short weeks. :)