Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few items of biz.

Deacon, whoa baby. He is so full of hilarious things right now I have to get them written down before I forget!

Today he asked me if I wanted to make bake pops. I wondered what the heck he was talking about, he went on and on about how we can decorate them, use them for holidays and give them as gifts! But first he said "we have to buy a bake pop maker!" I then realized he was quoting a commercial for a cake pop maker, ha! He also the other day said "diamonds are not forever mom" quoting the commercial Diamonds are forever. Hilarious.

Deacon has taken to snuggling up to me, I LOVE it. Anytime he wants to "take a break and watch a Arthur and snuggle" (his words) I will stop anything. He curls up with his head on my lap and lets me stroke his face and play with his hair. I eat it up, what if he is my last baby? I can't miss any snuggles!

I called for him to come into the bathroom today and he responded "oh no! I know what you are gonna do, comb my hair!"

During sacrament meeting this week he went out to go to the bathroom, as he came back in he did a summersault down the aisle. It was awesome.

He is still absolutely obsessed with transformers, he is always pretending to be one. While playing with his cute friend Maycee the other day he kept saying "c'mon Maycee! You be a ballerina I am a transformer!"

And to top it off he is all over doing handstands any chance he gets.

I really can not get enough of this boy. He is downright delightful.


Lisa B. said...

The thought of D doing a somersault down the aisle at church makes me so happy I can barely stand it.

ABick said...

i so wish it was appropriate to ask for a repeat church somersault to get a picture. awesome.
i love how sweet and funny deacon is.

Amelia said...

Somerault at church? That kid is bound for great things!

thehungryfashionista said...

I laughed so hard at the somersault part!!!

gilian said...

I love that he is so much your boy.

Holly and Dave said...

this kid needs to be in gymnastics... olympics 2024? no wonder he needs to take a break to snuggle :)