Thursday, January 26, 2012

We like to party

Loved these cookies piled high with marshmellows.

Cutie pie Sadie, she is the only girl in their primary class.

I LOVE this picture.

We really like to party, so much in fact that my four year old boy realizes that he can ask for just about any kind of party and I will oblidge. If only he were smart enough to ask for something really cool like a carnival in our back yard complete with elephants and rides, I am crazy I would do it.

Nope he is just a sweet little thing who requested a Gingerbread party. In case you were wondering this is what you do at a Gingerbread party:

1. eat a gingerbread man shaped lunch and drink out of cute stripey straws.

2. Decorate gingerbread cookies, the kids were so cute dumping mountains of frosting and treats on the cookies and then declaring that they want to save them for their mom or Santa.

3. Read the Gingerbread story that sparked the party.

4. Go on a treasure hunt around the house looking for clues the sneaky gingerbread man hid, then unwrap a brand new game of candyland ( I was going to give it to Deacon for Christmas so this worked perfectly!) The kids were beyond excited when they found the present, then they played the game so nicely together, it was darling.

5. Watch a 30 min. Christmas cartoon.

6. Sent the kids home withe their own Christmas cup filled with little gingerbread men cookies. We are so lucky to have such cute little friends in our neighborhood. I could seriously stay here forever.


Lisa B. said...

This sounds like an amazing and delightful party. P.S. I think tiny cookies are the best cookies. Also, I don't see why we shouldn't have more cookie-themed parties. Well done! Good idea, Deacon, and well-executed, mom!

Lesley said...

So cute! You are definitely the party queen! Good job!