Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sooooo Complimentary

I am loving five year old Deacon. No surprise he is constantly saying hilarious things but what I love most right now is his compliments. They always make me smile and usually laugh, here are a few little gems:

The other day I asked Deacon if he wanted to take a rest and watch a Arthur he replied "Yes! Oh Mom you are a genius!" love it.

On mothers day he casually said to me "Mothers are called darlings." I loved this one, made me so happy.

He loves to comment on my hair, if it is in a ponytail he usually says "ooh I like your hair like that"

In preschool they learned a lot about manners, he is constantly saying thank you so sincerely for food I make or things I do for him.

Having Deacon be so sweet and complimentary definitely makes my job as a mom a very happy one.

A few cute/clever things he has said lately:

Tonight we went to dinner and the table had a candle on it he said "A candle? Oh no this is a date place!"

We dropped Curt off at the airport and two seconds after we drove away Deacon said "oh I sure miss my daddy!"

I asked Deacon what he wanted to get his teacher Miss Dana for a thank you gift, he was dead set on getting her soap, sweet smelling soap. I thought that was so cute and funny.

Lately he asks me if I want a surprise, when I say yes he gives me a big kiss or hug. The best surprise there is.

Love love love Deacon.


Lisa B. said...

Deacon is a big sweetheart, wrapped in a transformer, wrapped in another transformer that transforms into a sweetheart.

The Blanchard Family said...

What a sweetie. Something about your sweet little boy giving you a compliment that has a way of completely turning your day around. Stocky has always been pretty complimentary too, but what I have been loving lately (in my state) is how often Aden will say, "Mom, you pretty." and give a shy smile. Love love love little boys!

Jill said...

Remember when Deacon ratted you out for your love of Kelly Clarkston? Ahh.. I love him!

ABick said...

i love this kid so much! he is very good at the compliments. :)