Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Takes me back

Does this happen to you? It is so crazy to me how a song can take you screaming back to another time in your life. I guess smells and tastes do as well but nothing does it for me like a song. I was helping my mom clean her house yesterday when I heard a song I had put on a DVD of pictures I made for the family I nannied for 7 years ago. I was surprised when my eyed filled with tears and I remembered how much I loved being with them and all the memories of them. Just like Van Morrison reminds me of my Dad and Saturday morning chores.

Ben Folds reminds me of my brother Walker. Shawn Colvin makes me think of my mom. And boy does Pearl Jam make me think of love and my true love. I love the way James Taylor and Elton John take me back to my childhood and how I love listening to them and singing their songs to Deacon now. Something about music and a memory that makes me smile.


Angie*Steve*Owen said...

so so true...I love music and how it takes you back..."Last Christmas" actually reminds me of my childhood...and anything wham or george michael, but it will forever remind me of you and I know that Christmas is really here because I get a phone call from you letting me know its on the radio!

Lisa B. said...

This post filled my eyes with tears!

Musicals--The Sound of Music and Camelot, especially--remind me of my childhood most of all.