Monday, October 25, 2010

Deacon is pretty funny

Today Deacon said something that made me laugh out loud so I realized I needed to post an update on all the clever cute funny things he is doing and saying lately.

If you have been to our house you probably have heard Curt and I yell out the back door at Duke our dog for barking at the dogs in the yard behind ours. Today Deacon heard Duke barking and he said to me "I am gonna go yell at Duke." Then he opened the back door and yelled at Duke to stop barking. After he was done he walked back in shaking his head and said "Crazy Duke, barkin at those beautiful doggies" So funny.

We are taking Deacon to Disneyland next week and he thinks everywhere we go is Disneyland, today he thought Old Navy was Disneyland. Wow I can not wait to blow his mind with the real Disneyland.

Anytime I ask him to do something he replies "Fiiiiiiiiiiine!" I always tell him not to say that and make him apologize but silently laugh at how dramatic it is.

My brother Walker was over and Deacon got a bloody nose (from picking it for sure) and he was so mad that he had to sit still while I held a tissue to his nose. Halfway crying he said "whats happening? this is crazy!" Hilarious.

While putting his toys in his toy box I heard him singing "twinkle twinkle little star time to clean up where you are" I had never heard that before and when I asked him where he learned it he said "ummm for Miss Dana" (his preschool teacher) I love how much he loves school and that he is learning.

He is playing so much better with his cute cousin Will and was so excited to give him a ghost sucker we made when he came over on Sunday.

The other Sunday at church sitting in on the bench he opened up a hymn book and ripped out a page and said "Please you make an airplane?" It all happened so fast I could not even get angry.

He loves to go to preschool and when i pick him up he always wants to run to the car as soon as he sees me. The teacher makes the kids line up against the wall for safety and takes them one by one to their cars. Now when I see him lined up against the wall I give him a thumbs up, he gives me the biggest smile and a thumbs up back.

At Cafe Rio the other night I yelled to Curtis at the register to grab Deacon a water cup. Deacon then screamed "Turtis! Get me a water cup!"

He loves when I put makeup on my eyes and always admires it and says "Oh i love your beautiful eyes you painted"

My friend Beck was in town last week and we went to dinner. Deacon loved the mandarin orange that was in his little fruit cup so I asked the waiter to bring a little bowl of them. When the waiter brought the bowl Deacon picked it up held it up to his cheek squealed and gave the biggest smile.

He is obsessed with Nightmare before Christmas and sings all the songs constantly. Lately he has been singing "I am Jack! The pumpkin King!"

When I took him to his 3 year doctor appointment (only about 6 months late) he was really good and loved Dr. Baar. However it took him some time to forget about the three shots he got.

I am loving this stage that he is in, he has mellowed a bit since the summer but is still wild and fun. I am eating up all the hugs and kisses I get from him and relishing any sweet thing he says to me. Love this wild child.


Amelia said...

Those are some awesome stories. What a kid! And I am so excited you are going to Disneyland. I hope it lives up to his wildest dreams. We need to talk soon!

Jill said...

You forgot the drive by dirting to Kimi. Could have been my favorite. The Haunted House Nightmare before Christmas will blow his freaking mind. Please give me details of this trip.

Lisa B. said...

I love love love this post. What a darling adorable boy.

Laura said...

I laughed so hard at the part where he says "Turtis" haaahaha

The Blanchard Family said...

What I love most is that I can hear you in him. Some of the things he said remind me of you and it is so sweet. But my favorite is the paper hymn airplane! ha!

Lesley said...

Hilarious! I love Deacon! You need to start a quote book.