Thursday, July 5, 2012

I like

Just some things of note:

I like: freshly washed sheets and bedding, especially crisp white sheets.
I dislike: the flu, yuck. The flu took over our house this week, first Deacon, then me and a couple days later just to tease us, Curtis, say a quick prayer it does not hit Duke.
I like: swimming when it is hot. I realize I do not love the heat unless I am by a pool and then I LOVE it.
I like: watching Deacon swim like a little fish each time saying "I bet this will make you proud!" before swimming to me.
I dislike: The flu in the summertime. The flu is terrible always but I am here to tell you, the flu in the summer is the absolute WORST.
I like: Being pregnant.
I Dislike: Curtis saying this is our last baby, what does he know?
I like: Peach Fresca, also Black Cherry Fresca. Holy cow.
I like: Vacations. I wanna go somewhere.
I like: The house two doors down from me. Would it be weird to move two doors down?
I dislike: The new restaurant at the City Creek nordstrom. Speaking as someone who ate a shiz load of meals at the nordstrom cafe (old fashion place) the nordstrom bistro (new fashion place) the original nordstrom cafe has the best food of all three by a long shot.
I like: The pistachio chicken salad at the nordstrom cafe!
I like: Parks and Rec. even better than 30 Rock, and that is saying a lot.
I like: Pineapple, watermelon and anything fresh tasting.
I dislike: not blogging.
I like: that it took me waaaay longer to think of dislikes than it did likes. I am happy.


Amelia said...

I like all your likes, but feel like you should like talking to your sister on the phone, because that was awesome. :) Deacon is adorable with his cute

Lisa B. said...

One thing I like is that you are happy. Another thing I like is that you came over last night. Also: what is this peach Fresca and Black Cherry Fresca you speak of? where is it to be had?

Also watermelon: BIG like.

jamie said...

there is something about Amy Poehler that reminds me of you. i have always felt that way.
i love parks and rec.

jamie said...

this is jamie darby btw. you are awesome

Lesley said...

The flu sucks big time. Especially in the summer. Glad you are feeling better!

gilian said...

I remember disliking the flu while pregnant once. So glad you're feeling happy. And flu-less now.

Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

I'm so glad you're happy! There's so much to be happy about and going swimming with me would make you that much happier! :) Love you girl. Let's get together soon