Saturday, February 2, 2013


Have you seen the movie knocked up? One of my most favorite parts is when Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are sitting in the park watching the kids play with bubbles, Paul Rudd says something along the lines of: "kids love bubbles, I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles" Makes me laugh every time. Bubbles are fun.

Today I went fabric shopping with my mother in law (she is making the babes blessing dress, yay!) she offered up my father in law to watch Deacon while we went. Deacon was so excited to spend time with his Grandpa rather than in a fabric store (obviously). Curtis' dad is getting older. No way around that. It is hard to see the ones we love get older, especially when it seems to happen overnight. I feel sad when I realize that my kids will not get to know their grandparents as well as I wish they would.

When we pulled up to the house Deacon and Grandpa John were out in the driveway, I could see that Deacon looked to be running circles around John, when I got closer I saw that John was blowing bubbles and Deacon was chasing them.

It may not seem like much, but as I pulled up and saw the look on both their faces I tried to freeze that moment because I want Deacon to remember a Grandpa who spent time blowing bubbles for him because guess what? Kids love bubbles.


Lisa B. said...

I love this story, and what a sweet memory.

ABick said...

This is such a sweet story. I love it. It is truly incredible to see how happy something as simple as bubbles makes that boy so happy. Love that Deacon.