Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who blogs anymore??

Well for starters, my mom does. EVERY DAY last year, can you handle that? If I had a diet coke for every time I wish I would have written something down on this blog......... Anyway, what I would like to say is that I intend to blog more. I intend to capture more of the funny, cute, annoying, silly amazing things my children (and husband) do. I intend to to write about all the things that make me happy. Because I agree with Lindsay I like to talk about the joys.

I also intend to write about some of my worries or hard times. I am sincerly thankful I wrote about my struggles in the last couple years on this blog. When I go back and read them I can remember exactly how I felt, it reminds me to feel more deeply the joy I am now feeling.

So who blogs anymore?? ME!

On  a side note: my new years resolution was to always have my nails nicely painted at all times and I am KILLING IT.


Lisa B. said...

I applaud this initiative! (I tried writing "applaud" with lots of letters, but it looked funny. But just so you know, I said it in my head really really long, like I really really mean it, which I do.)

You are a great writer of the joys. But I must say, I too am glad you wrote about the struggles. It has meant a lot to me to read those little essays. Believe it or not, sometimes those give people--me--courage, and an appreciation of what life is made of, sometimes sadness but often happiness.

Blog away! I am delighted to think that you will.

Amelia said...

KILLING IT is right. My nails are red right now too. I love it. Please keep blogging. And also, post pictures of that dang cute baby because I can't get enough.

Lindsay said...

Hooray! I'm excited! I agree with writing woes and worries.... I do hate when others are mad at people who choose not to... Ya know what I'm saying!? You have been amazing at keeping yer nails did! Proud of you!