Thursday, April 25, 2013


                                             Have I posted this picture on this blog before? Who cares, so damn cute.

The first time around with Deacon I was really good at sleep training, it felt right to me, he responded so well and it was no big thing. While I would not say sleep training has been terrible with Gwennie it has certainly been different.

Poor babe had her 4 month shots this week and then ran a fever the next couple days. The first night I was holding her at 1:30 am, she did not want to sleep but also did not want to be snuggled. I had a patience I did not even now existed inside of me. I remembered how badly I wanted her. I guess that is why I do not feel a great urgency to let her "cry it out" but guess what, tonight and last night I let her "cry it out". It was not as bad as I thought, and she is sleeping so soundly in her own little crib and honestly I think she feels just as happy to be mine as I feel to have her.

Two days ago Deacon asked me "why don't you ever sneak into my bed like I sneak in to yours?" (answer: because kids beds are pieces of shiz) so that night at 10 pm I snuck down into his bed, cuddled up next to him and whispered to him how much I love him, told him all the things in my heart, well as much as I can put those things into words.

So the thing about sleep is, I know how badly I need it and how much better it makes a person feel but I need to remember to hold my sleeping (growing) baby and to sneak into my almost 6 (NOOOOO!) year olds bed sometimes.


Amelia said...

I love these stories, keep cuddling that baby for me.

Lisa B. said...

I love this post. I thought about it all day today. The thing is to be able to appreciate the moment you're in. I remember when my baby would wake up to eat late at night and I felt so happy for it to be just me and the baby, alone, just to have that moment of quiet. I didn't always feel like that, but I did sometimes, and I still cherish the memory.

Lesley said...

We have lots of sneaking into bed nights. Not me sneaking into Will's bed, but him sneaking into ours. I do love me a snuggle and I'm glad that Will finds our bed a place of refuge when he feels scared or lonely.
I love that Deacon asked why you don't sneak into his bed. Cute!