Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friends with babies

A bunch of the boys on the hammock.
Deacon Cole and Stockton on his blessings day.
Alfie and Deacon when Alfie was one day old.

When I found out I was pregnant I remember thinking I was the only person on earth having a baby. I was stressed scared and overwhelmed. Having a baby seemed so crazy. But somehow I knew literally the minute after I took the pregnancy test that it was a boy. And boy oh boy did we end up being surrounded by boys.

Sara kicked it off with Cole, who I thought was the most darling baby I had ever seen and I hung on every word Sara said about being a mom, she was doing it and she knew how so I listened. Then Casi pulled a sneak attack with Stockton coming early two boys! A month after that I had my darling Deacon, three! Then Joelle found out her baby was a boy and sent out a text that we would have our very own baseball football and basketball teams! Four! I will never forget Angie calling me in the hospital the day after I had Deacon not wanting to steal my thunder (she even said that) to tell me she was ten weeks pregnant, I was so happy for her I thought I would cry. (maybe a little emotional?) She soon found out she too was having a boy, Five! Then came Abbie with Cutie tiny little baby Warner, Six. And I can not leave out my partner in crime Annie who was big as a house along side me working at MAC and who I shared every pregnancy woe and joy with. She had Alfie just six weeks after Deacon, they met on his second day of life and have been best buds ever since. That is seven folks!
And then to keep us well rounded Heather got us a girl, Maycee. Someone to throw a girlie shower for and buy all things pink, we were all so excited to buy baby gifts!
Even my sister in laws were all kind enough to give Deacon boy cousins, Dash, Will and Elliott. Eight nine and ten!
So what I am getting at is that being a mom of a boy is fantastic. Having all these friends to look to as examples and more ideas makes it that much better. I have learned more about love, heartache, joy, compassion and service from the girls than I ever thought possible. So to all my friends and sisters thank you for doing your part in making my life and Deacons so very happy.


The Blanchard Family said...

You are the best! What a cute and special post. . .you sure do know how to get a mommy crying ;) Love all these boys! What an adorable, wild, happy, adventurous, group of boys!

Kendylus Roboticus said...

I agree...It's crazy the amount of boys that came! Boys are sooo fun I love every minute with Elliott. p.s. Elliott is with 2 t's!