Friday, January 28, 2011

The bus.

when did it stop being exciting to ride public transportation?
If you still ride public transportation then thank you for doing your part. Do you think it is exciting? Or do you just do it because you are doing your part, you know for the world and stuff?

Yesterday when I walked in the door after being gone all day I was greeted with this "Maaaaaaooooooooom! The bus never came!"
So I asked Curt what this meant, he preceded to tell me that while they were waiting for a small car repair to be done for a hour or so he was going to take Deacon on a bus ride to the pet store to look at puppies rats and such. (the location: Bird World in Bountiful. Have you been there? puppy MANIA!) So the two of them waited and waited but that darn bus never did come.

So they walked and walked and walked. Like pioneer children except without the singing while they walked. Walked at least 1.5 miles to the pet store. And back.

Don't you think it is funny that after a day full of puppies rats etc. that I was greeted with a sad face and the statement that the bus never came?

My friends, would you rather snuggle a puppy or ride a bus?

p.s. I am eating too many subway sandwiches because I wanted to write my sandwich post again! What!? I realized all I want to say is that I hate sloppy sandwiches. My friend Laura worked at a sandwich place and she told me she loved making perfect sandwiches, I like perfect snadwiches. My uncle Jack owns like 4 thousand Subways and I am the only child lucky enough to escape working there, but I bet I would make pefect sandwiches (type A you know)


Laura said...

I love the mention about me hahaha

Lisa B. said...

We still need that sandwich post, I would argue, because there needs to be a public definition of what makes a perfect sandwich.

I like riding TRAX, or rather, I liked it when I had a super-cheap pass via my work, which they stopped giving out, and therefore have I taken the TRAX since? Maybe once. But I have a friend who works for UTA counting passengers, and she says that the grime of the TRAX especially is horrifying, because people put their feet on the seats! ON THE SEATS! (Like I've never done this, but never again, I promise.)

In conclusion: public transit--social boon but bastion of filth. Which is more important? I would argue: puppies and rats.

(p.s. I am loving your writing!)

Amelia said...

Puppies and rats but no buses? A little boy parDise, so close, but yet so far!