Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thing is.

My Grandpa Bick does not hear very well, kind of not at all unless you are speaking at an outrageous volume. This made for some fantastic conversation between Deacon and Grandpa.
Deacon: "Grandpa John, I got a puzzle!"
G.John: "Now what Deacon?"
Deacon: " I got a puzzle!"
G. John: What are you sayin'?"
Me and my bro. Walker simultaneously: "He is saying he has a puzzle!" 90% louder than Deacon.
The best thing about staying at my Grandparents in St. George is that obtained a copy of his personal history he wrote. Seriously, this personal history is so awesome (and hilarious) my favorite paragraph of the whole thing? The one where he expresses his distrust for Dentists. Gosh I love my Grandpa.


Brittany said...

Okay, a few things. Your grandpa is a cutie. My grandma is freaking crazy. Second, the red lipstick is wonder he took you out. Third, I keep going back and looking at those yummy birthday cookies you got. Were they all the same flavor different color frosting, or did each color have a fun flavor? I need to know. And I need these

jessandbryce said...

Sophie I love that picture! It is so adorable. Don't we have the best Grandparents? I wish I could have been there! Haha.

Lisa B. said...

Funny and sweet and adorable. I'm glad that you got to go down there and spend some time.