Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh 2010 I can not decide to love you or hate you.

So did we like 2010? What is the consensus?

No huge milestones this year but lots of good things. Deacon is hilarious and nuts oh and also a puzzle genius no joke, the kid put together and 150 piece puzzle. Seriously. That is some serious business.

Curtis works hard for the money and vacations like he means it. If only finding sweet vacation deals was his job, like a travel agent! He should be a travel agent!

I cook, I eat too much and I did a lot of rad things this year. I would like to do cooler things this year, maybe win a contest of some sort.

I forgot that I really like to blog, I like to keep a record of what the shiz we do with our lives. Cause it really is a pretty great life.

2010 brought some great things and a couple bummers. But I am thankful, I am looked out for. I have amazing family and the ultimate friends. I can not feel sorry for myself too long ever really because in the big picture I am lucky lucky lucky to be the mom wife and human being I am.

Lets make it a good year.


Laura said...

So glad you posted! Love ya!

Amelia said...

2011 has to be awesome. I decree it. I love it when you blog too, it sounds just like you talking. Which I love. Just like you.

Lisa B. said...

I love your blog--everything there's a new post, I feel like it's Christmas, but without the stress.

I say that 2011 should be your banner year of goodness. Because you are wonderful and your family is wonderful. Keep blogging!

The Blanchard Family said...

Love you! Happy Birthday my darling! I am going in to 2011 with my head held high. . .ready for all things good to happen. See ya soon ;)

Brittany said...

Hope you had a great birthday. Those bummers take a toll on us...but help us grow. At least that's what people tell me! That Deacon cracks me up, he's a mini you. Love ya!

Lesley said...

I loved 2010 and hope 2011 is wonderful too. 11 is my lucky number so no doubt this year will be lucky for you!