Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haddo House

We went to a absolutely stunning manor house today called Haddo house. It looks like it is straight out of a Jane Austen novel.The bonus was that there was a playground on the grounds so Deacon and Evie also had a great time. They both keep yelling for me to push them higher.
This is Deacon when I told him we were almost to the playground.
There were little pet graves all over the grounds stating the pets name and age. I thought this one was very charming.
They also had a statue for one families beloved dogs. Deacon loved this statue and gave the dogs hugs.
Look at these two cuties, although Deacon is trying to escape but they really love each other. And once again those boots are the best thing I could have ever bought.
This is the view of the grounds from the top of the stairs. I love the way the grounds are kept and how they stretch out forever.
This is a 400 year old tree, I can hardly believe it is still standing. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert planted the two tallest trees when they were visiting. Some trees were planted in the 1600s amazing.
I do some of my best thinking on the steps of the Haddo house.

Deacon playing on the front lawn throwing pebbles in the fountain.

This is the front view, isnt it so beautiful? I love everything about this place.


Lisa B. said...

I think when I went to Haddo House, there was a wedding. I'm pretty sure there were people in kilts and maybe there were bagpipes. Am I making that up? I don't think so. I love seeing the little people there.

gilian said...

You look so smart, sitting there thinking on those steps. Those kids look like they are having a blast and I'm pretty sure you big kids are enjoying it too. So much fun.

ABick said...

i HEART the haddo house!! i completely agree--jane austen novel! ask amelia! that was my first comment!

Steve said...

A stone dog. Now that is the kind of pet everyone should have.