Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slains castle, Cruden Bay

This castle was unreal. Seriously one of my favorite things I have ever seen. Slains castle is a huge ruined castle built clear back int he 1500's. It is absolutely nuts to me that it is even still around, although in ruins. It is said that this castle is the inspiration for Bram Stokers' book Dracula. We had the best time there, the kids loved running around and imagining where the princess slept when it was still a fancy castle. I can not get over the view of the North sea that surrounds most of the castle. The castle is literally on the edge of the cliff, had to be careful as to not let any of us fall off to our deaths. This place is also pretty creepy. so many nooks and cranny and creepy dark corners.
So many cool spots.
Me and Deacon in what I imagine was once the ballroom or something extravagant.
This is the view off on side of the castle. Amazing.
It was a long walk to the castle, at least two miles of tons of mud. So worth the crazy walk. Miriam loved the walk, Deacon loved most of the walk and Evie hated every second so Raymond carried her all the way there and back. That's a workout.
I loved the creepy stairs, I did not get any great photos because I had to hurry and save the kids from climbing up the stairs that abruptly end. Cute castle family. And Deacon running his guts out.
A pair of Wellie boots to call my own! Thank goodness I had these for this walk, otherwise I would have been a muddy mess.
Another beautiful shot of the sea. Too bad Angie was not there to adequately capture how cool this place was.
Because the castle is surrounded by sea it is near impossible to get a great shot. This is the best I got, it is something you really have to see to believe. Raymond was the only one who has been to this castle before so it was fun for us all to be blown away together.
This is the first little inlet to the sea as you are walking. Also your first chance to fall into the sea if you are not careful.
Me and my sister. So fun to be here and spend time with her family. Almost as fun as seeing all the cool stuff. Just kidding, I think.


Amelia said...

Damn straight, we're delightful.
So fun today!

gilian said...

I love the picture of the two of you together. Of course.

And the wellies are great. Of course.

ABick said...

i love these pictures!!! i really wish i could've seen that one!

The Blanchard Family said...

So cool! Glad you are STILL having fun! STILL. . .