Sunday, March 14, 2010

London comings and goings

Words can not really describe what a awesome city London is. So many historical places and so much to do and see. I am desperate to get back there someday. I had an amazing time with my sister and husband. The gates of Buckingham palace. The flag was up which means the Queen was inside.
The fountain at Trafalgar square, the National gallery behind it where we saw orginal works of art by Van gogh and Monet. We saw Wicked, it was so fun. Curt slept through the entire first act (in his defense he was so very jet lagged) and even he enjoyed it! Lets be honest the second half is much better anyway.
Do not forget to mind the gap when riding the tube.
Amelia and I both enjoyed Curtis' snack and drink of choice while walking through the city.

Westmister Abbey, where Princess Diana was married. It was absolutely stunning but not quite stunning enough to pay thirty dollars each to get in.

Big Ben, really just a great big clock.

Hilarious little taxis. The cars in the UK are so tiny and so funny, my sister thinks they look like roller skates.
I was attending to some important phone calls while in my shiny red phone booth. I think I was talking to the Queen.
A tunnel leading up to Buckingham palace.
A gigantic lion statue at Trafalgar square. Tons of little school kids were climbing all over it, I felt old cause it was hard to get on.

The view of Trafalgar square behind us, it is amazing. Tons and tons of people everywhere and beautiful old buildings all around it.

Goodbye London! Cheers!


gilian said...

What a fabulous adventure you've had.

I especially adore the picture of you and your sister.

Lisa B. said...

This is so wonderful! I could not be happier than to see you in London having a splendid time. Well, only if I could be there, too--I might be slightly happier. But only slightly!

The Blanchard Family said...

I am so happy to see you are still enjoying your travels! Do you miss home yet? Is Curt going to be there the rest of the time with you? I still can't wait to hear all about it!

Ben-Joelle-Dane said...

FUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! Everything looks amazing- Miss you!

ABick said...

fun! i'm jealous! London sounds so cool!