Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little project

You didnt actually think I could be gone for a whole month and not do any projects did you? Amelia had this little raw wood table from Ikea that was prime for the painting. We took a night and a whole lot of mod podge and came up with something pretty cute.This is one of the two chairs, the little girls looooved them.

I am in love with this table top, we just cut out a bunch of squares and just placed it as we wished.

I thought little felt flowers would like charming, they do.

Ta da! Know I want to buy a little table and fancy it up for Deacon. So fun and exciting to see how much the little girls loved it.


Lisa B. said...

Damn, that is adorable. Very impressive. You know you could make a little business out of this.

gilian said...

Great project. So creative. I didn't know you could still get Modpodge. And I thought it only glued down and shinied-up pictures of Jesus. Wow. Who knew people used it anyplace besides at Super Saturday?

ABick said...

so cute! i love how crafty you are!