Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American girl in Scotland

A list:

things I like:
  • my niece Miriams accent especially when talking about the cinema!
  • how green everything is here
  • milky chocalote stars which is apparently a childs candy
  • Deacon waking up to come sleep with and cuddling, he never cuddles
  • seeing my sister and her family of course
  • individual movie screens on each chair on my flight
  • Barely making my connection from Memphis to Amsterdam, but I made it!
  • I did not really love the flight meals but my friend Laura would have loved it! Everything was tiny and individually packed, tiny brownie, tiny cheese and tiny roll. She loves tiny things!
things I DO NOT LIKE:

  • my luggage has yet to arrive, i do not think I need to emphasis how much I hate this, more than I have ever hated anything. Ever.
  • jetlag, yuck
  • the fit deacon threw in Amsterdam. It was unlike anything I have ever seen. I can't blame him, 4 hours of sleep is not enough.
Although I am glad that today we went and bought new outfits for me and Deacon so we could stop wearing the same clothes and feeling like hobos. I am very much looking forward to our luggage arriving and letting the good times roll.


Lisa B. said...

The nightmare of the lost luggage. I can totally sympathize, having had lost luggage, also after a hellish day of travel. Of course, I did not have a toddler with me. So your situation *is* worse. Hope it arrives very soon!

The Blanchard Family said...

Yeah! I have been waiting for a post from you. . .although I would LOVE some pictures!! I cannot believe your luggages is lost. That is horrible. I am just so excited for you. Make sure you remember every detail so you can fill me in when you get home. Is Curt with you right now or is he coming at all? I can't remember what you decided. Have fun!

Angie*Steve*Owen said...

woohoo. glad you arrived and survived 17 hours with a toddler on an airplane. hope you get your luggage soon!

Skankstas said...

how exciting! good luck on your bags!

Ben-Joelle-Dane said...

Yea!! I wish I could hear your niece say, "Cinema" I LOVE accents:) I'm so sorry about your luggage- what a pain in the A#$!!!!!!!!! I hope you and Deacon have the time of your life:)

gilian said...

I am so proud of you for not throwing a huge fit in the airport when you found out your luggage was not going to Amelia's with you.

ABick said...

that sucks about your luggage!! but i'm glad other things are so happy!! give everyone a hug for me!!

Lesley said...

Can't wait for the updates to keep coming. I've been wondering how everything turned out. Glad it's mostly gone well.

Heather & Josh said...

So sorry about the luggage! That is seriously so horrible. I hope that your trip is going great and I am with Joelle I wish I could hear your niece. Maybe you should record it and show us when you get home. Love the castle jealous!

Laura said...

i want that tiny meal!