Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best Easter ever!

I love so many things about Easter and this year I got to do them all and then some! I got to wear a new Easter dress and dress Deacon in a new Easter outfit (Bonus!) Go to church and have all the lessons and talks be about the savior. EAt lots of good food and see lots of family who I love. Take an afternoon Easter nap. Watch Deacon hunt for eggs with Aunt Kris and play with Grandpa John. Make give and recieve Easter baskets. I am so glad to be in the life I am in right now and I feel so blessed. I hope everyone had a spectacular Easter!

p.s. Missed making sugar cookies and dying eggs with Kendyl though.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I live to stroll.......

The highlight of my day (and Deacons) is talking a walk. I try to make time for it every day. Lately I have been going with my friend Carissa and we will drive to beautiful neighborhoods, park the car and walk with Deacon in the stroller. It is so much fun to walk in differant areas and see all the beautiful ( and not so beautiful) things people do with their yards and houses. One of the neighborhoods we walked in most recently is my soon to be new neighborhood and I could not be more excited. The birds were chirping and it was so calm and peaceful, I can not wait to have it be MY neighborhood. I am so glad spring is here because my daily walks= my daily sanity. And did I add all the while Deacon kicks his feet and babbles mamamamama dadadadadada and most recently Dut! (For Duke of course!) What a cutie. Tell me this...... what is the highlight of YOUR day?


Crawling all over each other
Telling important secrets
Putting each toy they find in their mouths

The other day my Darling visiting teachers came to visit and each of them brought their little boys. The three of them had a great time! Playing with our pile of way to many toys and crawling (walking for Oaklen!) all over the place. We will sure miss our ward friends when we move. I love how the babies look like they are telling each other some very important things. Thanks for playing Oaklen and Arrington!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have been thinking and talking a lot with Curtis about ways to simplify my life. Sometimes it feels in the crazy world that is my life I am surrounded by distraction after distraction, I am not sure if it is spring fever or what but I feel like I need a breath of fresh air. We are in the process of buying Curts grandmas house (HURRAY!) and Curtis just started a new shift so things are a tiny bit hectic, amazing and wonderful but hectic. I feel like I have baby toys and makeup coming out of every corner of my house. Yesterday I put Deacon in his sling and he snuggled right up to me and we walked through the neighborhood (which I will miss soooo much) and after that my world felt a touch calmer. BUT I want to know YOUR ideas for living a calmer simpler life (besides moving to Hawaii I already thought of this) and does every mother feel this way? Or have I lost my mind? Don't get me wrong I have so much joy in my life but I am selfish and I want more and I know you all have some great ideas you are keeping to yourself!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I want to go back! I can not believe it is over already! We had the BEST time. We saw an unbelievable amount of whales (like 100) they would swim right up to the boats and totally breech the water, amazing take your breath away. Even when you were just playing in the ocean you could see them in the distance. We snorkled and the boys tried snuba ( like scuba but not as deep) ate a ton of fresh pinnaple and shaved ice hawaii style, played in the ocean a ton and just had the best time ever. Deacon was such a good little boy and both Kris and my dad and stepmom could not stop raving about what a good baby he is, and he really is. I really missed Deacon and I can not wait to show him all the amazing things in the world like whales and the ocean. If nothing else this trip has bit us with the traveling bug. Anyone care to join us on a medditerranian cruise in October?
By the way, if you have a keen eye and noticed Curtis is missing his front tooth in the pictures it is because he is. When we were in LA before our flight he sneezed three times and his crown fell out. Poor guy, good thing he is a guy because I would have been devastated but he just laughed and made jokes the whole time we were there. I think he will miss the jokes when he gets it replaced this week!
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