Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few items of biz.

Deacon, whoa baby. He is so full of hilarious things right now I have to get them written down before I forget!

Today he asked me if I wanted to make bake pops. I wondered what the heck he was talking about, he went on and on about how we can decorate them, use them for holidays and give them as gifts! But first he said "we have to buy a bake pop maker!" I then realized he was quoting a commercial for a cake pop maker, ha! He also the other day said "diamonds are not forever mom" quoting the commercial Diamonds are forever. Hilarious.

Deacon has taken to snuggling up to me, I LOVE it. Anytime he wants to "take a break and watch a Arthur and snuggle" (his words) I will stop anything. He curls up with his head on my lap and lets me stroke his face and play with his hair. I eat it up, what if he is my last baby? I can't miss any snuggles!

I called for him to come into the bathroom today and he responded "oh no! I know what you are gonna do, comb my hair!"

During sacrament meeting this week he went out to go to the bathroom, as he came back in he did a summersault down the aisle. It was awesome.

He is still absolutely obsessed with transformers, he is always pretending to be one. While playing with his cute friend Maycee the other day he kept saying "c'mon Maycee! You be a ballerina I am a transformer!"

And to top it off he is all over doing handstands any chance he gets.

I really can not get enough of this boy. He is downright delightful.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We like to party

Loved these cookies piled high with marshmellows.

Cutie pie Sadie, she is the only girl in their primary class.

I LOVE this picture.

We really like to party, so much in fact that my four year old boy realizes that he can ask for just about any kind of party and I will oblidge. If only he were smart enough to ask for something really cool like a carnival in our back yard complete with elephants and rides, I am crazy I would do it.

Nope he is just a sweet little thing who requested a Gingerbread party. In case you were wondering this is what you do at a Gingerbread party:

1. eat a gingerbread man shaped lunch and drink out of cute stripey straws.

2. Decorate gingerbread cookies, the kids were so cute dumping mountains of frosting and treats on the cookies and then declaring that they want to save them for their mom or Santa.

3. Read the Gingerbread story that sparked the party.

4. Go on a treasure hunt around the house looking for clues the sneaky gingerbread man hid, then unwrap a brand new game of candyland ( I was going to give it to Deacon for Christmas so this worked perfectly!) The kids were beyond excited when they found the present, then they played the game so nicely together, it was darling.

5. Watch a 30 min. Christmas cartoon.

6. Sent the kids home withe their own Christmas cup filled with little gingerbread men cookies. We are so lucky to have such cute little friends in our neighborhood. I could seriously stay here forever.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deacon says the Darndest things

almost every night he sneaks out of bed to change into a costume, just like a true superhero. Here he is as Bumblebee.

Time for a list of darling, hilarious, clever things Deacon has said as of late. This boy of mine is at such a fantastic stage, I love everything about him. It is much easier to have a four year old around than a three year old, oh baby that was a wild time.

A few days ago we were talking about love for family night, Curt had just gotten through explaining what charity and love was, I asked Deacon who he loves and he shouted "Jenny!" who is my good friend in my ward. I guess he has a thing for thin, hot, blonde's!

At lunch today with my Mom and sister he was totally restless, he sat on my lap and said " I do not like this place, it is too adorable" HA! I totally love his misuse of words.

When he hopped out of the car to run into preschool his teacher said to me "Did you see that smuggle?" I looked over and saw that he had a big old toy in his jacket. The best part is that morning I thought it was so funny that he requested his jacket with pockets.

At the lunch table as asked him if he thought I was pretty, he said "nope, awesome"

I could listen to him sing songs under his breath all day long, they are usually about transformers fighting the evil disceptiocons. I need to catch it on film.

He loves to tell me how proud he is of himself, for instance " I am so proud I played with my transformers!" I hope this is a product of me telling him how proud I am of him.

I took him to a book club at Angie's house, Owen was not there so Deacon just got to play with his toys. One of the girls asked him what he was doing and he said "Havin' a playdate!"

Each night when we start to read scriptures he says "we already read that one!" Sorry buddy, they all sort of sound alike.

Around Christmas time he got a cute book from his preschool teacher about a gingerbread man. After reading it a few times he so sweetly asked me if we could have a gingerbread party. It was the cutest request I had to say yes. I need to post some pictures of it because it was so darling and fun!

I really can not even put into words how much I treasure my Deacon. Thinking about him going off to kindergarten int he big old elementary school makes me want to take him and run away. I am so proud of how smart, sweet and fun he is. I am so so lucky to be his mom.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I did it!!

You guys, I made it through 2011. I really did. This year was not my favorite year BUT! Please do not be mistaken, I am oh so grateful for all the gifts and blessings I have been given.

Today is my 29th birthday, hanging on to my twenties by a fingernail! I had a great day filled with things I love. I got my little brother to come run immigration canyon with me, I love that run, it is the perfect 6 mile downhiller with the best canyon breezes and beautiful surroundings. The second I start running in that spot I am invigorated and happy (this is not the case for all runs, yikes!) After that I conquered a life long fear, I baked a layer cake! I have always been so nervous to attempt a cake where I would have to flip it out of the pan, thanks to Heather I put my mind at ease and gave it a go. I love how it turned out! It was so fun, I am all over cakes now!

Some other fun things I did: went to costco (oh boy I love costco) and dinner with friends. I also got a surprise visit for one of my besties Casi who made me a plate of yellow cupcakes with choc. frosting, my all time fav!

Curtis took Deacon to the store to buy me a present and Curt said Deacon insisted his mommy wanted the bowls with strawberries on them? Searching through the store Curt finally figured out he wanted to buy me ziploc containers with a picture of a strawberry on the box, I loved them.

My husband is sending me on a cruise with another bestie Annie for my birthday! I am a loved and lucky lady. (since my fallopian tube made me miss a trip to Hawaii, dang 2011)

With all of that said, I will not let another year of my life pass on by. I am going to find lots of happiness this year, starting with this blog, I love the years I have documented on here. Cheers to 2012, lets make it amazeballs.