Friday, April 23, 2010

Rain rain

snuggled up for a rainy day snooze

I don't really want you to go away just yet, but don't get any ideas about staying too long. Anyone remember last June when it rained halfway through the month? But for now I am enjoying the nice sounds and smell of rain and the glorious afternoon naps it provides.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Get your garden on

My garden is part way planted. Thanks to Laura and Deacon we got lots done. We are this much closer to fresh summer food wahoo!
Oh and baby Ralph came to play while we gardened.
And Michelle was really helpful when she came.
Why is Laura always trying to stab me in the back?
Deacon and Laura hard at work. I can not wait for this garden to start sprouting. Also I will forever always wear shoes in the backyard, I stubbed my toe so bad I was sure I needed stitched to put it back together. My friend Holly the nurse gently assured me I am ridiculous. But still, I gotta get a disgusting pair of gardening clogs or something!


We had a great Easter this year. We started out the day with some of my family over for brunch and then we relaxed all day and went to Curts sister Kris' for dinner. Such a fun day I love Easter.

Me enjoying the Easter cake Kris and Bay made.
Bay Sharon and Kris with the cute Easter cake.
Of course Deacon loved all the egg hunting candy finding.
My family over for brunch, nice way to start the day.
I told Deacon this pack of underwear said on them "Deacon goes pee pee in the potty" he then copied me and pointed and said "I not go pee pee in the potty" Pretty clever and annoying.
These brunch rolls were fantastic.
This about sums up how Deacon felt about Easter, elated.
This is how I feel about my family, happy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The dirtier the child......

The better the day. Even though this was taken last year this is what Deacon has looked like the past two days. Nothing makes me happier than letting him play outside all day and then giving him a bath resulting in black bathwater then when his head hits the pillow he has a smile on his face remembering what a fun day it had been. So happy it is spring.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

5 more minutes

Motherhood is a lot like the book If you give a mouse a cookie. You know where you give the mouse a cookie and then he asks for a glass of milk to go with it then if you give him a glass of milk he will want a straw to go with it etc. Tonight after a fun day full of candy and family I was putting Deacon to bed and he begged for one more song, one more prayer one more kiss and then my favorite, "five more minutes mommy!" How many more times will Deacon want 5 more minutes and one more kiss? I realize that the 5 more minutes requests will someday be gone, so today I am happy to give 500 minutes, 500 kisses and as many more hugs as he wants.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Easter Eggs!Deacon loving some naked ice cream cone.
Thinking it was hilarious for me to pretend to eat his feet.
Will is confused as to what to think of this spoon.
Deacon was a pro! Two at a time!
And Diane was in on the fun as well.
Deacon and Will both really liked decorating Easter eggs. Safe to say they both liked their ice cream cones more.