Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Aloha means hello but it also means good bye, so see ya suckers I am off to Hawaii! I will post a million pictures upon my return. (that is if I decide to come back, you are lucky Deacon is staying here, if not I would surely live in Hawaii forever!) See you all soon!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My not so secret crush on Steve Carrel

If you refer back to one of my old posts I admitted to a not so secret crush on Steve Carrel. I think he is so funny and charming and I always joke to Curtis that if I ever met him I would ask him to father my next child. Well today I met him at my neighborhood Sugarhouse Smiths! I was just standing chit chatting with some friends from our ward the Lockes, when Tyson Locke said "That guy looks a lot like Steve Carrel." I looked up and sure enough Steve Carrel and his wife came walking towards us and I said "What are you doing in my grocery store?!" (I know clever right) he just laughed and I said I am a big fan and that I always tease my husband that I want him to father my next child and then he laughed and said "Meet my wife Carol" (remember his real estate agent on the Office Carol? That is his real life wife) Then he told us he was here to ski and we said welcome to Salt Lake. Can you believe what a dork I am? What is it about meeting celebrities? Lets hope I never randomly run into Jude Law I might propose on the spot! Hope you all enjoy how crazy I am!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sophie! Annie!

When Annie and I first became friends her little niece Gracie thought it was really fun to say our names together, Sophie! Annie! we thought is was so cute and funny. Four years later we have shared so many experiences. Annie was my best friend through my pregnancy, we saw each other almost every day. Deacon and Alfie were born just a simple month apart and as you can see Deacon met Alfie within the first day of his life. The two little boys have a million of the same things because we shopped for our babies together so much! (their mommies also gained a million pounds while in our bellies because we ate so much together!) The boys have matching Jazz jerseys that Curtis gave them and Deacon has a cowboy blankie his Aunt Annie made him. I was a bridesmaid in Annies beautiful wedding and this past weekend I watched her in the sealing room as she and her husband Steve were sealed to each other and to that sweet little baby. My heart felt like it would explode because I was so happy for them. The whole time I was in the temple I just kept thinking how thankful I am to be sealed to my own family. I am so happy for you Annie!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Deacon loves the snow!

I can make collages now! Thanks Janet!
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

30 things I love about my 30 year old guy.

Old man Leasure is thirty and I love him thirty times more than before! Here are my top thirty things I love about him.

1. His sense of humor
2. His dimples
3. His blue eyes ( that he passed on to Deacon)
4. What a good dad he is
5. How smart he is
6. His dedication to his his friends, he has had some for 13 years
7. How much he really and truly loves Pearl Jam, almost too much
8. He is a tried and true Jazz fan, he even watched the sad championship game at 3 am on his mission in Norway
9. He is an awesome brother
10. Also an awesome brother in law
11. He plays church ball every week and is always the best on the court
12. He laughs HARD when something is funny
13. HE really loves his mom
14. He REALLY loves Deacons mom
15. HE gives the best financial advice and has helped lots of his family and friends (mine too!)
16. He will work 80 hours in one week to pay off our trip to Hawaii (yea!!)
17. He drops anything if I truly need him
18. He pays all the bills and keeps impeccable track of our finances
19. He is very selfless when it comes to his family
20. He loves to travel
21. He plans fun trips for us
22. He found my favorite MAC lipstick on ebay and bought it for me because it was discontinued and he knew how much I loved it.
23. He supports me in my goals and dreams
24. He wins at every game so I get to brag about him
25. He loves the movies as much as I do
26. He said I love you first
27. He is the best dog dad to Duke
28. He got so excited when Deacon crawled and called his mom
29. He is charming, charismatic, hilarious, sweet and brilliant.
30. He picked ME!

I love you Curtis! Happy 30th!

Deacons latest and greatest!

Here are some shots of Deacon taken by Angie. He is almost 9 months old and the funniest little baby ever. We love Angie Seare photography!!
Looking like a little man.
Loving the new fun stuff!
Sitting up like a big guy.My favorite shot of my favorite boy.