Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to this beard.

This bearded man is 33. Wowza. His birthday is always a little bit tricky for me. I love birthdays and am a spaz. Curt is happy just having his favorite meal (skiers stew, a cute name for man stew aka beef stew) and buying his own gift (an all you can fly pass on Jet Blue for the month of September last year) so I have learned to take it easy on his birthday.
Buuuuuuuuuuuut, that does not mean I can't write whatever I want on here about him. Take that!

For a girl (me, duh.) who has a lot to say most of the time I am at a loss as to what to say about Curtis. Alls I know is: I would not what to know a life without him as my number one. Happy birthday Curtis you are the And that phrase is my birthday gift to you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The bus.

when did it stop being exciting to ride public transportation?
If you still ride public transportation then thank you for doing your part. Do you think it is exciting? Or do you just do it because you are doing your part, you know for the world and stuff?

Yesterday when I walked in the door after being gone all day I was greeted with this "Maaaaaaooooooooom! The bus never came!"
So I asked Curt what this meant, he preceded to tell me that while they were waiting for a small car repair to be done for a hour or so he was going to take Deacon on a bus ride to the pet store to look at puppies rats and such. (the location: Bird World in Bountiful. Have you been there? puppy MANIA!) So the two of them waited and waited but that darn bus never did come.

So they walked and walked and walked. Like pioneer children except without the singing while they walked. Walked at least 1.5 miles to the pet store. And back.

Don't you think it is funny that after a day full of puppies rats etc. that I was greeted with a sad face and the statement that the bus never came?

My friends, would you rather snuggle a puppy or ride a bus?

p.s. I am eating too many subway sandwiches because I wanted to write my sandwich post again! What!? I realized all I want to say is that I hate sloppy sandwiches. My friend Laura worked at a sandwich place and she told me she loved making perfect sandwiches, I like perfect snadwiches. My uncle Jack owns like 4 thousand Subways and I am the only child lucky enough to escape working there, but I bet I would make pefect sandwiches (type A you know)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sandwich Artistry.

I just started writing a post about subway sandwiches, then blogger kicked me off. Was it a sign? Was I just about to become my Grandpa and write a paragraph about my distrust for dentists? Am I losing my mind?


Has anyone ever asked you if you are a type A personality or type B? Do you find yourself being really one or the other?

I am all over the place. But let me tell you this, I have a little bit of A and a little bit of B. I love to check things of a list (A) I like my glass cupboards in my kitchen to have perfectly stacked bowls in perfect colors (A) I rarely get enough sleep and can get sucked in to a show, blog or movie so easily (B) I can easily ditch any plans I have to do something way more exciting (B) I think I am a really meticulous makeup artist (A) I like running on a treadmill more than outside so I know exactly how far and fast I ran (A) I am absolutely not a perfectionist (B) I tend to overdo Holiday decorating and get carried away (B) I make my bed every single day (A) for three weeks (B)

Is there even such a thing as a type B personality? Or is it just right brain left brain? Or is it the color theory, you know like your a white a yellow or a red? I always come out a red when I take those dumb tests, which pisses me off. Which just proves I really am a red.

What color letter or brain are you? And which is the best?

PS. now are you curious about what I wanted to tell you about Subway???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here comes the sun.

All us Utahns do it. Like big fat idiots we convince ourselves Spring will be here any minute, all of this convincing takes place in January and February. And then it snows on Easter. Do not get me wrong I like the snow in November and December, it is all cozy and exciting, the holidays are right around the corner.

Then there is January. Blah. And it is even my birthday month! Sad! So today in the car I was driving and I asked Deacon what song he wanted to hear. Sometimes he picks really cute stuff like a Pearl Jam song or recently he has been requesting a Band of horses song. His music snob parents eat this shiz up.

So I ask him and he requests, here comes the sun. By the Beatles. How does he know this song I ask? Oh just from The Bee Movie (remember the one Jerry Seinfeld did? pretty cute). I was so taken aback by his cuteness as I played the song and he sang along "its alright!" And then I remembered one of my favorite Pearl Jam lyrics "No matter how cold the winter theres a springtime ahead" then I felt a tiny bit of my winter blues slip away, just a little.

How are you kicking the winter blues where it counts?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thing is.

My Grandpa Bick does not hear very well, kind of not at all unless you are speaking at an outrageous volume. This made for some fantastic conversation between Deacon and Grandpa.
Deacon: "Grandpa John, I got a puzzle!"
G.John: "Now what Deacon?"
Deacon: " I got a puzzle!"
G. John: What are you sayin'?"
Me and my bro. Walker simultaneously: "He is saying he has a puzzle!" 90% louder than Deacon.
The best thing about staying at my Grandparents in St. George is that obtained a copy of his personal history he wrote. Seriously, this personal history is so awesome (and hilarious) my favorite paragraph of the whole thing? The one where he expresses his distrust for Dentists. Gosh I love my Grandpa.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A date.

You guys, we went on a date. It was a real true date. We do not do that enough. The best part was that I got to laugh and remember how hilarious Curtis is. My favorite quote of the night was when we saw a crazy Rocker lady, Curt said "I want to ask that lady her zodiac sign, I bet its a leo she looks like a lion" she really did.
I just wanted to go out to dinner, my only request was that we go somewhere with bread on the table, after carefully counting calories all week I wanted to fat it up on my free day. And I did, creme brulee and all.
I have been trying to eat less meat, like only one meal a week. It has been a interesting experience, Curt is sick of soups. I really like brussel sprouts. Deacon learned he likes potatoes, he has hated them forever, after I made him gag them down (truly gag) he says he likes them. Do not be fooled though, he of course loves french fries. But don't we all?

p.s. do you think my lipstick is cool? all the other cool mom bloggers wear dark lipstick, I hope you guys think I am cool. Lord knows I have enough lipsticks to kill a man.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am loved.

I always assumed the way to tell how loved you are is through baked goods, am I wrong? This year on my birthday I felt real loved because I had a lot of baked love. Please take note of the frosting colors, can you handle it? I barely could. Laura knows my love all of all things tasty and adorable and she delivered on my birthday boy howdy.
Did you know we also like to dress like twins on my birthday?

Ladies and gentleman, this is a Neapolitan cake. A real life chocolate strawberry and vanilla cake, from scratch. If you do not have a Kallin in your life, I am sorry.

Here is the man himself who took the time to dream up this masterpiece and make it for little old me. If that is not love I am not sure what love is.

My dad made me a cake on my actual birthday. Now that is a real treat, I do not think my dad has made me a cake in like 15 years. It was yellow cake with chocolate frosting which believe it or not is my very favorite. Even though this cake is only two layers and I requested ten I still felt very loved.
And let us not forget: my mother made me a full meal with every single thing I requested and it was perfect.
Go bake something and give it to someone you love. You need my address?

Monday, January 17, 2011

about a boy.

Deacon. Boy howdy. What a kid. I need to write (type) more of the funny things he says. He is getting big, is really energetic and funny things are constantly coming out of his mouth. Want to hear some of my personal favorites? Ok.

He loves the movie snow white and thinks the song Heigh Ho! goes like this: I home I home its off to home I go (and then does a fake whistle) pretty cute.
Whenever Curt and I have any kind of conversation that is even a touch heated he yells "hey! prayer time!" hilarious.
Reads his own version of the Dr. Suess books he got for Christmas from my Dad and Dana.
Loves his cousin Will so much, and his baby cousin Van. Anytime they are around he is happy.
Is craaaaazy for puzzles. Teh puzzle pieces all over the house make me craaaazy.
Walker and I went to St. George after the Holidays to see my Grandparents and hang with my Dad and Dana. He was excellent in the car hardly said a word the whole 4 hour drive. When we pulled up to their house he hopped out of the car and said "that was a fuuuuuuuuuuuun trip!"
Hope I can find it in my heart to update this little ole blog more often. We will see.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh 2010 I can not decide to love you or hate you.

So did we like 2010? What is the consensus?

No huge milestones this year but lots of good things. Deacon is hilarious and nuts oh and also a puzzle genius no joke, the kid put together and 150 piece puzzle. Seriously. That is some serious business.

Curtis works hard for the money and vacations like he means it. If only finding sweet vacation deals was his job, like a travel agent! He should be a travel agent!

I cook, I eat too much and I did a lot of rad things this year. I would like to do cooler things this year, maybe win a contest of some sort.

I forgot that I really like to blog, I like to keep a record of what the shiz we do with our lives. Cause it really is a pretty great life.

2010 brought some great things and a couple bummers. But I am thankful, I am looked out for. I have amazing family and the ultimate friends. I can not feel sorry for myself too long ever really because in the big picture I am lucky lucky lucky to be the mom wife and human being I am.

Lets make it a good year.