Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy oh blog

I have been the worst blogger ever. Truly, the worst. Which makes me sad because I really do like keeping a blog especially to keep track of all the funny things Deacon is up to. I have certainly been in a funk this last year but I am realizing that I can not change everything I do not like but I can try my best to be happy in the situation I am in, I have so much to be happy about.

How about some funny/cute things Deacon is doing?

His new favorite thing to say when he is bored or annoyed or whatever is: "But I am skinny" or "I can't I'm too skinny!"

So so so obsessed with Spiderman. He is forming his little hand to shoot webs before he even opens his eyes in the morning.

Deacon is really lovey at night when I tuck him in. He says things like "should I snuggle you?" Or when I try to leave he quickly says " But how about just one more kiss?" And my personal favorite when I say I love you he replies " I love you most"

I love when I ask him a non negotiable question like "ready to brush your teeth?" he responds with a simple "no fanks"

After his second week of swimming lessons he is really comfortable in the pool, he loves to say " I am such a great swimmer"

We called my Dad on his birthday last week and Deacon sang to him, hours later when Curtis came home from work he said "Know what day it is Dad!? It's Grandpa Steve's Batman birthday!!"

At a friends house for dinner I was told Deacon was outside peeing. When I got out there to tell Deacon he needs to come inside when he needs to go potty he smiled proudly and said "no mom! I already did!"

His concept of time is hilarious, " I want to play three more months" or "Let's go in 10 weeks"

The other night my young women were over playing water games in my front yard, we had two slip n slides set up and the neighbors cat was playing on one so we told Deacon to go scare it off. He ran and scared it off and then shouted "Yay! I won the team!"

Deacon could play for hours in the backyard with or without a friend, it is his favorite place to be.

I said to Deacon the other day " I love......." thinking he would fill in the blank with Deacon but instead he shouted "William!" He loves his cousin Will.

One night when Will was over late we were putting some of Deacons jammies on him and Deacon said "Your looking goooooood William!"

Writing all these things down makes me mad at myself that I have not written these things, I think they will be so priceless to me in the future. No more feeling down for this girl! Even if I do not ever have another baby or have any of the other things or experiences I want, I have so much. I have a husband and Deacon that I love more than anything and I have I know I am doing my best. That is enough, I have more than enough.