Saturday, January 30, 2010

32 is........

ten years ago in Venice, Italy
(my all time favorite photo of Curtis)

Funny as ever.hardworking.handsome.a great whizz. a handyman.a loving husband.faithful and strong. too smart for his own good. a political debater savvy.a movie buff. a jazz . and cowboy fan. a good brother and son.
strong willed. tenacious. intense. a good friend. the love of my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CURTIS!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

out with the old in with the new

This week while Curtis was out of town I took on a huge project of giving my oak kitchen cabinets a makeover. It was A LOT of work!Lucky for me I had lots of help. Thank you to all my girl friends who are better with a drill than I! Here they are before the big overhaul.
This is all I can remember form this week, rolling and painting for hours on end. The rest is a blur.
My little brother who is still in post missionary service mode helped me for hours and hours. I enjoyed spending time with him and chatting and reintroducing him to cafe rio and Costco hot dogs on our lunch breaks.
Curt's dad John took three of my cupboard doors and gave them new glass fronts, I think they turned out so beautiful! He is so handy and I glad to have his handiwork around my house.

My boring sort of out of place bread box got a touch of blue with a chalkboard front, now I love it. Who could not be happy with a blue bread box around?
Some of the other glass fronts John put in. I love being able to see my blue dishes and my prized tea pot.

I left the very top cabinets exposed so I could have some of my serving bowls and platters out to see. Overall it was a long hard project but I am so glad to have done it. One of the best things about buying Curt's grandparents house is knowing how happy it would make them that we love their house and that we try to make happy memories in it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Has anyone ever told you that you look like......

Today I decided to take Deacon to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs at the dollar theater. We got my sister in law and niece to come with us. When we walked up to buy our tickets from the teenage kid with a scruffy face Deacon said loudly and clear as day "thats Jesus!" and kept driving the point home by saying again and again "thats Jesus! Hi Jesus!" I laughed so hard, along with every other person in line. Then the Jesus look alike said " I will take that as a compliment." Pretty good day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making a splash

A back splash! Hurray! This is what Curtis (I am sorry my projects always seem to end up being mostly your projects) did this weekend. I love making little improvements to make our house better, in fact I thrive on it.

So much so that these cupboard in all their 30 year old oak glory are getting an overhaul next week. Wish me luck! Any Leasure's remember what they looked like before the oak? Just curious.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

You sick of hearing about my birthday yet?

Thought you might wanna hear about it one more time. We had dinner at Geppettos (delish) and I must have been busy chattin the night away because I barely took any pictures I missed half the people who came. It was so much fun and I am thankful to have so many great groups of friends. Laura threw this little party together. Laura is the kind of friend you want to have. The kind that drops anything when you need her, will do any project with you is always in a good mood and when you point out a necklace you like at urban outfitters she buys it behind your back and gives it to for your birthday.
Me and cute Michelle who is my partner in crime and favorite person to got to tj maxx with. Wanna know why?
Cause all you have to do is go there with her and point out all the stuff you love (mostly anything that looks like it belongs in your grandmas house or has a bird on it) and then she surprises you with it for your birthday! Love that Michelle.

Me and Kallin and a sneaky Matt in the background. Like your plaid shirts you two.

Belated Birthday fun

Since my Birthday was spent in bed with the flu we celebrated a few days later when everyone felt better. We went to see Princess and the frog ate at IN-N-OUT and hit up a darling cupcake store. Blowing out a birthday candle with my cupcakes on my new cake stand I bought. I love cake stands!
These cupcakes were darling and tasty, my dad thought he could have made better. Put your money where your mouth is!

In n out=happiness.
My fellow Birthday party animals. Deacon however was ready for a Birthday nap.
This picture was taken in the theater before our movie and I think it is so funny! Two funny things happened in this theater. First thing was at the beginning of the movie when it shows the Disney castle Deacon yelled out "Temple!" Second thing was Walker and Dana went to get drinks and came back with a giant tub of popcorn (my celebration just kept gettin better and better!) and sat down next to me and Deacon said "Oh! I love popcorn!" Later that night after Deacon went to bed Walker and I went and saw Sherlock Holmes, which was awesome. Thanks to everyone who made my Birthday so fun.

Fun in the (sorta) sun

After Christmas it was so great to head down to St. George for a few days. Deacon and I drove down with my Dad and Dana (Curt had to work) and then Isaac Lesley Will and Walker came down the next night. We stayed at my Grandparents house. It was so good to visit with them! It makes me so happy to spend time with them, I do not get to enough. Me and Walker with Grandma Diane. Does Walker look twenty feet tall or what?
My Grandma has saved cars and blocks from when her boys were little and Deacon had a hay day with them. Some of them could be 50 years old, I thought that was so cool. Deacon loved them so much he slept right next to them. He would line them all up in a row and take the one airplane in the basket of cars and crash his line of cars.
Even though in this picture my Grandpa was sick he still managed to kick our butts in aggravation. I do not know how he does it. My favorite part of playing all the aggravation games we played was my Grandpas hilarious comments and also my Grandmas cute giggle. My least favorite part- how long each roll takes my Grandpa! I called him the sloooooooow killer.
Deacon sitting on Grandpa Johns lap. This is a picture I will treasure.
My dad and his mom. Now this picture is taken in the midst of cooking a big Thanksgiving like feast for New years day. Literally not twenty minutes after eating the feast my dad got a mean case of the stomach flu. No one really thought much about it since it had been passed through the family. That night I went to bed (my birthday was the next day!) and around midnight had the thought "oh no am I sick? no I can not be sick, I am not sick" Well around three am I knew I was sick, stomach flu sick. Luckily Isaac and Lesley had come down the night before, so for my birthday while me my dad and Dana all had the stomach flu they watched Deacon. They were lifesavers! I know it was a waste of a vacation for them but I sure made my life easier. The next day Grandpa had the flu as well! I was feeling good the next day and by Monday we all felt pretty good.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for having us! I promise next time I will come without the flu.

Hello eleven o' clock!

our new church time is looking good for these two...........
Not so good for this guy. Late shift+ hardly any sleep=really fun church experience.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


First of all it was great to have Walker home in time for the holidays. He brought home these "red letters" that are good luck or congratulations, cant remember but anyhow I put it right on my tree. I like it there.
Deacon loving his toy train set he got from Grandma and Grandpa Bickmore.
Deacon got really good at opening presents. My favorite was when he stopped in the middle of opening one and said "Woooooah!" so cute and funny.
Grandma was helping Deacon check out the contents of the stockings they brought him and this is a excellent picture of my Dad.
I am looking fresh as a flower on Christmas morning. But I was happy to be opening two stockings, I love stockings!!
Grandma was helping Deacon paint a picture with the paints they had brought him.

Curtis with the greatest gift anyone could ever give him, money.

Some of Deacons loot that Santa brought to him.
Somehow I managed to take zero pictures of the second half of the day when we were at Curt's families house, I suck. But we had tons of fun there as well playing the candy bar game and the money game. After spending a week in St. George I came home to take down all my Christmas stuff, it mad me sad. So to keep my depression at bay I am tiling the back splash in my kitchen, you better believe it is looking good already.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A LUCKY little list

I am LUCKY and here is why:

Lucky to have friends who love me

Lucky to have a friend plan me a birthday dinner

Lucky to have family who loves me

Lucky Curtis and Deacon are mine

Lucky my Dad and Dana were here for two weeks

Lucky to go to St. George for almost a week

UNLucky to get the stomach flu for my Birthday

Lucky Isaac and Lesley were there to watch Deacon
Lucky to have family who wants to do fun things on the fly

Lucky to have a house I love

Lucky my Grandparents are so great

Lucky to be me in my life even if it comes with a couple UNlucky moments