Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He did it!

We got this potty thing in the bag! Minimal accidents and lot's of excitement about the whole thing. I could not be more thrilled, he even is sleeping through the night in underwear and waking up dry. I guess this really means he is a big boy now. Sigh.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I personally do not wake up each day counting my blessings and praising the day. I do however have moments where I feel so unbelievably blessed and loved. The above picture captures those feelings, a regular family moment, no makeup huge smoothie stain on Deacons face, Curt's dimples if only duke was in the picture.
Sometimes I feel like making my blog private so I can go on and on about all the things no one really cares about but at the end of the day this is me take it or leave it.
Things that leave me feeling so blessed:
A little boy learning how to use the toilet and feeling so proud of himself.
Friends that are beyond incredible. I have a friend for any and all things I need. I am so lucky.
Curtis, to be realistic, keeping our family in check and working (literally) tirelessly to provide.
A new church calling that fills my heart makes me feel worthwhile loved and needed.
A family who is proud of me loves me, and encourages me always. And the kind of family that will do any favor you ask.
A promising summer full of vacations family friends and warmth.
This life I am living, certainly not always what I thought it might be but it is easy to make a list of things I feel blessed to have, that life cant be too bad right?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deacon at three years old

I wanted to document a little about what Deacon is like at three years old.

Favorite food: rice and beans, cereal and any and all treats.
Movie he loves: any pixar movie- cars toy story monsters inc. etc also loves Shrek and Madagascar
Loves to: play outside, see his friends, blow bubbles paint or play with playdoh
Is terrible at: sharing, so possessive of his toys, we are working on it.
Says that is sweet: Thank you soooo much, or love you sooooo much.
Loves: his Dad, mom and Duke
Funny thing he does: when he knows he did something that warrants a time out and I take him to time out he says all panicked "whats wrong mommy whats wrong?"
In the morning: he knocks on his door for us to open it and then gives a huge hug.
At night: loves song after song after song and says his prayer all by himself and it is usually awesome.
Favorite song: You got a friend in me
Favorite TV show: Dinosaur train

All around darling delightful wild and vibrant boy. We love him so much. I can not believe it has been three years, he surprises and fills me with joy every single day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

one hundred dollars

Checking it out.
Getting it open.
My little brother Walker is studying in China right now so he asked me to put ten bucks in a card and give it to Deacon for his Birthday. So I did. I gave it to him and when he opened it he said "oh! a hundred dollars!" So looks like Walker won the best gift this year. Don't worry about paying me back Walker, I put it right back where it came from. Curt's wallet.

Deacons third

I made Deacon a shirt with a three on it to wear on his birthday.
He looks so cute and so big on his bike.
For some reason at the party when my brother showed up the kids all thought he was so interesting.
I love that when Deacon blew out the candles his buddy Thomas helped him. So cute.
Angie made this awesome photo opp. car for the kids. It was so cute and the kids loved it.
Laura stole the show when she showed up with the worlds largest lightning McQueen bag with a woody buzz toy inside and lightning McQueen socks, he was thrilled.
Here is the bag in all its glory.
Deacon enjoying his birthday breakfast at the birthday table, he loved that.
Deacon with his best buddy Duke. They are quite a pair.
Some treats for the kids to fill up a bag with and take home.
It was fun to have a grand present like a bike waiting for the birthday boy when he woke up.
It may be one of my favorite things in life to decorate for a party. It is fun because Deacon likes it as well. I love being a mom and making special days fun for my family. Thanks to everyone who came for such nice gifts and such a fun time!

Monday, May 10, 2010

If there is one thing I love

It is a list! Come see my new blog and help me exploit my love of lists. I bet you might find you to love lists!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I need to post all about Deacons birthday madness and I will but today is Mothers day so I want to post about that. I have so many great Mothers in my life and so many people who help me be a better Mother. I am so grateful to all these people for making my life better. And since I love a list I thought, why not? Here is 5 things I love about some of these Mothers.
Curt's mom Sharon-
1. So accepting, never once has she questioned me as a wife or mother, she loves me for me.
2. Amazing cook and seamstress, she knows how to make anything!
3. She is loved by all her grand kids and they love to be sang and rocked by her as infants.
4. She is an excellent Dr. Mario player and one of my first memories of her is coming over and seeing my boyfriends 60 year old mom playing Nintendo.
5. She is the person to call if you want someone to tell you your problems are going to work out and you need a listening ear.
My Step mom Dana-
1. She is the number one most hardworking organized person I know. She knows how to tackle a project and get it done.
2. She loves and dotes on Deacon, when she is around him he knows he is loved.
3. Dana is so service oriented and very giving. She would help anyone in need with anything.
4. She is good at her job and takes great care in doing a job well done. Whenever I meet someone who has worked with or for her they always rave about how great she is.
5. She has always loved and treated me and my siblings with love and always treated us like family from day one.
And last but certainly not least my own mom-
1. If I ever feel bad for myself and want someone to feel bad for you as well, I just call my mom and she always validates my feelings and helps me pick myself back up.
2. She loves to take me and Deacon to breakfast once a week, it is always a highlight in my day.
3. She is so creative and talented and free thinking. Can laugh at her craziness but also is crazy in all the best ways.
4. She has always celebrated who I am , never tried to shape me into someone or something she wanted me to be. She literally missed only one soccer game in my entire 4 year high school career. That means two games sometimes 4 a week for 3 months for four years. (My dad did not miss as well but its Mothers day okay) pretty great.
5. She still is excited and vivacious about life, a quality I love. She really is pretty rad, has great taste in music movies and clothing.
Love to all our moms. And love to my husband Curtis, whom without I would not be a mom to such a fantastic boy. Thank you Curtis for supporting me and encouraging me and writing me sweet notes telling me you think I am great, for the record: I think you are great.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friends with babies

A bunch of the boys on the hammock.
Deacon Cole and Stockton on his blessings day.
Alfie and Deacon when Alfie was one day old.

When I found out I was pregnant I remember thinking I was the only person on earth having a baby. I was stressed scared and overwhelmed. Having a baby seemed so crazy. But somehow I knew literally the minute after I took the pregnancy test that it was a boy. And boy oh boy did we end up being surrounded by boys.

Sara kicked it off with Cole, who I thought was the most darling baby I had ever seen and I hung on every word Sara said about being a mom, she was doing it and she knew how so I listened. Then Casi pulled a sneak attack with Stockton coming early two boys! A month after that I had my darling Deacon, three! Then Joelle found out her baby was a boy and sent out a text that we would have our very own baseball football and basketball teams! Four! I will never forget Angie calling me in the hospital the day after I had Deacon not wanting to steal my thunder (she even said that) to tell me she was ten weeks pregnant, I was so happy for her I thought I would cry. (maybe a little emotional?) She soon found out she too was having a boy, Five! Then came Abbie with Cutie tiny little baby Warner, Six. And I can not leave out my partner in crime Annie who was big as a house along side me working at MAC and who I shared every pregnancy woe and joy with. She had Alfie just six weeks after Deacon, they met on his second day of life and have been best buds ever since. That is seven folks!
And then to keep us well rounded Heather got us a girl, Maycee. Someone to throw a girlie shower for and buy all things pink, we were all so excited to buy baby gifts!
Even my sister in laws were all kind enough to give Deacon boy cousins, Dash, Will and Elliott. Eight nine and ten!
So what I am getting at is that being a mom of a boy is fantastic. Having all these friends to look to as examples and more ideas makes it that much better. I have learned more about love, heartache, joy, compassion and service from the girls than I ever thought possible. So to all my friends and sisters thank you for doing your part in making my life and Deacons so very happy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your name

In honor of Deacons Birthday week here is the story of his name, I think you will like it.

We really did not plan on naming Deacon after a dog, it just happened. If I would have had my way his name would have been Jack and if Curtis would have had his way his name it would have been something bonkers, you don't want to know.

Anyway that poodle is named Deacon. It is my above pictured friend Matt parents new hunting dog. I remember him telling us his parents had gotten the dog and when he told us the name I thought "well that is just perfect" it is funny how a name just sticks with you like that.

I have thought many times since Deacon was born how perfectly the name fits him. So when people ask how we found his name it is funny to say he is named after a poodle. Our next child will be named after one of the great dogs we have known. Here are the choices:

Spritzer-Pedro-Chancey-Gutter-Aspen-Duke (obvious front runner) Bruiser-Aspen-Komet or Sparky.
Please let us know which one you like the best

No, there is no baby on the way!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday week still going strong!

We brought Deacon home on a Saturday, the next day was Sunday, mothers day. My own mom came to visit me the new mom that morning. I remember walking outside to the unusually warm May weather to greet her. She brought me a 2 Tupperware containers. One full of watermelon, my favorite and one full of the best pineapple I think I have ever had.
What a joy to be such a new mom with such a tiny baby on Mothers day. Curtis cooked me dinner that night, spaghetti also my favorite. That night we watched the Jazz beat the spurs in the playoffs. Every memory about that day brings back such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude, to my Mom for fruit, to Curtis for the spaghetti, to both for playing a role in me becoming a Mother. To Deacon for making me a Mother, the very best thing about me.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday week!

Three years ago this Saturday I became a mom and this darling boy became my son. I figure since I adore him so a week of Birthday love on my blog is in order. I will never forget the day I went into my doctor and said, "I can not be pregnant one more day" she believed me and scheduled to induce me that afternoon. I went home and promptly went into labor on my own. Something inside told me that morning that I would have a baby that night.

Nothing like meeting your baby for the first time and realizing you are forever changed, in the very best way. Happy Birthday week Deacon, love you more than I can write on this humble blog, but if I had to try I would say I love you to infinity and beyond!