Sunday, June 20, 2010

love love love

To say that we love you a lot is the understatement of all time. We love you more than you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams. So glad you are our husband and Dad. Happy Fathers day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scenes from:

Summer and the sprinklers. Holy cow this kid was in Heaven we better test the sprinklers more often.

Girl mania

So. much. fun. This trip was so looked forward to and so awesome. I can not even believe I have known some of these girls for more than half my life. What an inspiring amazing funny fun group of girls. I always walk away from spending time with them feeling so lucky to have them. And I missed you couple girls that were missing. Love you. Whole lot of eating. Thankyou Joelle for bringing all those lemons.
Angie spent a lot of time getting in touch with the world today.
We got to shower baby Miles.
This is Heather and I starting our roll making at 10:00 pm.
Love this picture Of Jess busting up. I am sure I said something hilarious.
We also celebrated Heather and Joelles birthday month.
Us relaxing in the pool, look at Casi cracking up now, once again I am sure it was me being hilarious.
Us in the pool again.
Making some birthday cupcakes.
We spent the weekend eating (too much) sleeping (not enough) talking for hours, sitting around the living room laughing and laughing. We stayed at my grandparents house in St. George which was perfect and awesome. We swam a bunch at my uncle Kents pool which was also awesome. I have to laugh because I drug my kitchenaid mixer down so Heather and I could bake some rolls we have been wanting to make. The last time I went to St George my I also took it and my Grandpa said "I know whenever I travel I take my industrial mixer with me!" Well it sure came in handy for the rolls and cupcakes we made. I love my friends and admire them all for so many different things. Thanks for the great time!

The even tof the Summer

I can not get over how funny this picture of Deacon "shooshing" Curt before the movie had even started.
This may be one of the best pictures ever.
He seriously sat so quiet and still for the full half hour we sat in the theater before the movie started.
Me and Deacon waiting in line before we went in to the theater.
He really wanted to climb this more than pose by it. I love that it is a big 3 since that is just what Deacon is.
He needed to sit on his Dads lap for the last few minutes.
Isaac Lesley and Will came with us. In the last minutes when Deacon was sitting on Curt's lap I heard him saying " that's my friend Will!" It made me so happy.
Of course he had to bring his very favorite Woody and Buzz that Laura bought him for his birthday. Seriously he has not parted with those two since she gave them to him over a month ago. We loved the movie it was adorable of course. Although I can not help but feel just a tiny bit sad that it was the last one, just a tiny. And do not laugh if I tell you I cried.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The first really good one

Now I have had plenty of watermelon already this summer, but today I had my first really good one. It made me think of my step mom Dana because she loves watermelon as much (or more) as I do. I love that first bite of a really great watermelon because then I really know summer is here.