Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy Summer


Beware of mild nudity, also beware it will make you laugh.

We have been trying to be as lazy as possible this summer and spend lots of time outside. Last week we went swimming with Kris my sister in law and my niece Bailey. It was super hot outside and Deacon was extra tired when we got home so I put a fresh diaper on him and put him down for a nap in just a diaper and tee shirt since it was so hot. This is what I found when I checked on him:

The best part of it all was that he threw his diaper over the side of the crib. When he woke up I said "Deacon where is your diaper?" and he patted his bum to look for it! Classic.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer is for........ Swimming!

I know I will be laughing about these sunglasess someday!
So determined to eat this huge apple!
Still getting used to the idea of water!
This picture is for you aunt Lesley!

Yesterday Deacon, my niece Bailey and I hit the pool. Cottonwood heights to be exact. I wanted to go there because I remember it being so glorious as a child with those big platforms to jump off and everything. Let me tell you, it did not dissapoint! It was great, complete with two waterslides, kiddie slides and everything. We had a great time and as you can see Deacon thoroughly enjoyed his apple.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I could not resist!

Look at my dad, that is too cute for words!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Homie home!

I just have to post a picture because I love these plates so much! I found the bird plates at T.J.

MAX and the "L" plate at anthropologie (every girls favorite store!) I love how homie it makes my kitchen feel. Just wanted to share my great find with my blogging friends!


I love how she "roughed" it all up and made it look worn.
Can you believe she did this freehand?
I love the bandana print on the inside, such a clever touch.

I just have to show off my friend Laura's mom Jane's work that she did in Deacons room. I am so amazed at how beautiful everything turned out. We had this toy chest already that was painted white, and Jane took it home and three weeks later voila! Here it is now! Soooo cute! The painting she did on the wall is even better in real life. It took her a grand total of 4 hours to paint it freehand! I am so delighted to have Janes artwork on the wall. It compliments the vintage cowboy theme in Deacons room perfectly! Thanks Jane!

To our Dads

We are lucky enough to have three peolpe we call dad. We love each of them so much and each in a different way. We want to wish them each a very happy Fathers day and thank them for being so fantastic. To Curtis' dad John thank you for always being so willing to help us with different projects especially making our home a better place. I will never forget when we were engaged he offered to make us a coffee table, it was the only piece of nice furniture in our first apartment! Now that we have our own home he has done countless projects to make it a nicer place for us to be! To my stepdad John we are so glad we have our own walking talking history book, it is fun whenever I talk about a fun resturant or store I have been to in town and he can tell me what the resturant was 15 years ago! We also appreciate how willing he is to go with the flow, not always easy in a big bossy family, we love having the "calm in the storm." And last but not least to my Dad Steve, we are so appreciative of the guidance and advice he has given us, not only financially but in many other aspects of our lives. We love playing aggravation and having family night at his house. I am especially thankful for my dad and how smart and loving he is. Happy fathers day to three great fathers!
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Work is fun

What other job is it acceptable to wear a huge floppy black hat and that much makeup? Work is fun. And I love that Laura lady.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who knew?

I have peonys in my yard! I am so excited, I love these flowers so much. Who cares that since I picked 2 out of the 5 blossoms I don't really have them in my yard anymore, thats ok I love seeing them in my house.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It was a good day if:

  • You start off the day with a waffle party at work
  • It is raining and the rain makes the whole world smell good
  • You get to see a matinee of Sex and the City (judge all you want) with a girl friend
  • A diet coke and popcorn are consumed at the movie
  • Your baby squeals with delight going down the slide
  • The slide is at the most amazing park complete with baseball diamonds, huge playground, walking trails and a gully all 5 minutes walking distance from your house
  • There is a brand new hammock on your patio your husband bought and put together while you are at work, if you need me this summer I will be in the hammock
  • You have taco soup for dinner (is there an easier meal?!)
  • The baby learns how to give kisses and you are lucky enough to get one
  • You see sprouts growing in your garden
  • It is June and summer is here!
  • You realize next months book club is such a good book!
  • Your tivo recorded two episodes of the Office I have not seen forever!
  • The last pill in your prescription for the sinus infection/strep throat extravaganza is taken
  • You think of the best thing to get husband for Fathers day!

The last two days have been so good, have not even minded the rain.