Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beverly Hills 90210

Sharing a Disneyland size ice cream cone, only cost ten bucks!
Glad to have mommy home and loving his new mouse ears!

I just got back from a fun girls weekend in California with my sister in law Kris, my niece Bailey and her friend Katelin. We had so much fun! We stayed in a great hotel right in the mix of things on Robertson blvd. We ate at tons of fun resturants and did some serious shopping. The highlight of the trip for me was definatly swimming at the Beverly Hills hotel pool, talk about the lap of luxury. It was the funnest pool ever with tons of plush lounge chairs and waiters in baby pink polo shirts handing out baby pink ice cream cones. I was hoping to see a serious celeb but all we saw was Ivanka Trump. Although one morning Kris and I were on a jog in a fancy neighborhood when a shiny black SUV whipped past us and took a bunch of pictures! It was the paparazzi thinking we were something special! How hilarious/ridiculous. It was a great trip and I hope we get to do it next year!

Mousing it up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The 24th of July Parade
Playing cars with cousin Jackson
Being adorable with Aunt Lesleys' adorable niece

Wahoo! Our computer was broken and that was a long three weeks! So glad to be back in the real world, the blogging world. I am also excited to see what all my blogging friends have been up to. I just wanted to post a cute picture of Deacon for my family and friends far away and I will catch up after this weekend when I get back from California!