Saturday, March 19, 2011

When life gives you lemons

you make lemonade right? So what the hell do you do with a million oranges?? A girl in my neighborhood was selling oranges for a fundraiser so I bought the smallest amount offered which was still a ton for my little family. Even after giving a bunch to my friend I still had so many oranges.

Tonight after dinner I was faced with a perfectly clean house and time on my hands, that is when the sweet tooth and the domestic craziness comes out in me. I pondered the ingredients needed for a million different treats compared to the ingredients on hand, things were not looking good. But what I did have is a bazillion oranges.

So I have this fantastic cookbook that Kira, Curt's sister and Sharon my mother in law put together a few years ago for Christmas. One of my favorite features is that on the bottom of most recipes it has a little quip like "this is great made with left over potatos, but with Grandpa around that does not happen often!" Or "Kira's very favorite, a little more work but worth the extra effort!"

I remembered in my beloved cookbook the recipe for ORANGE cookies! Made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Like a sugar cookie but much lighter and softer. Then you top it off with frosting made with more fresh squeezed orange juice. Now I am not saying I improved on the frosting by adding 2 tablespoons cream cheese, but you be the judge. They were the perfect ending to a pretty good Saturday.

Anytime Deacon hears that kitchenaid mixing he comes running. Tonight he asked what I was making I told him cookies, he gasped and said "oh deeeelcious!" So Kira when you update the cookbook add my name next to yours as my favorite.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky number seven

Our anniversary is usually right in line with a vacation of some sort, which always makes for a good picture for my happy anniversary post. Usually Curt is missing a tooth or has a black eye so I figured us being totally sweaty would be peeeerfect.

I suppose like a missing tooth a black eye or a sweaty picture our marriage and life together is totally imperfect. Throughout all the hard things we have gone through in seven years (which is not much, we are so grateful) I have been so glad the person I have by my side is Curtis.

Though I hope the next seven years are without black eyes, missing front teeth (please do not bring back hillbilly husband!) I will except them with open arms if it also means what these last years have meant: laughter, excitement and happiness.

Happy anniversary Curtis, I love you I love you I love you, that's all I need to say.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nothing says vacation like

Curtis doing something weird to his face.