Monday, June 24, 2013

This ones a Doozy

I don't quite now how to start this post, I have one million things I want to say about my brother and his family and yet I have no clue what to write. 

Isaac and Lesley have truly become some of my very best friends. I like to joke that their house makes me sleepy, I think that is because I feel so at home there, I almost want to take off my pants and take a nap, ha! Seriously though, I always tell myself I will only stay a certain amount of time and then I stay 4 hours longer. Words can't say how sad I am to see them move to Arizona. 

I know it is a good move for their family, that is will be for the best and that everyone will be just fine but geez! I hate it! 

I would have never guessed growing up that I would end up having such a close relationship with my brother, I look up to him so much. He is the best friend, teacher, dad and a wonderful support system to me. I will miss him being so close. 

Lesley is everything you want in a sister in law, sweet, excepting, loving and a true friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life. 

Be kind to them Arizona, you have no idea how lucky you are to have them. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Happs.

 Would you look at this six month old cutie?? Do not be fooled though, that outfit is all 0-3 months. What??!!
 A little tradition Deacon I have started, an ice cream cone on the hammock after dinner. Also, please take note of my perfectly painted nail, news years resolution going strong!
 Summertime wardrobe, cuttoffs and a tee shirt, also a summertime staple: a mid afternoon nap when it is too hot to do anything else.
 I promise Deacon is actually very happy about the Bucket list. We are having a blast checking things off. We added some big, fun (expensive!) things to our list, we are hoping our daddy wants to do them.(Disneyland!)
 Just so you do not think Gwennie is the perfect baby, I remember this night, she was pissssssed.
The picture equal parts delights and terrifies me, Deacon LOVES to pick her up and make her stand. No one and nothing makes her face light up like her beloved Deacon.

And there ya have it, the Leasure family happenings.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Love a Sleeping Babe

I can not stand how darling little Gwennie is when she is sleeping. Gwennie girl I love you so.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Nights All Right for Blogging!

Here I am Saturday night, Curt is out of town and I want to write down some things of note. So here we are! Some things of note! Enjoy!

  • Summer is here and boy is it hot. No really, so hot. I suppose since we had such a lousy, dreary winter all the prayers for warm weather are being answered all at once, uh thanks?? The good news is I am not moving to the very depths of Hell (Arizona) the bad news is Isaac and Lesley are, BOO.
  • On that note, I went to my brother Isaac's end of the year elementary music program (he was a music teacher) it was fantastic. He always puts on the best concerts and I always cry. My heart was feeling especially fragile knowing this was the last concert he would do. I will miss those concerts and even more so, them. So much. 
  • Running. I have been running, running, running. I find myself being the most in tune with my mind when I am running. It is a great time for prayer for me. I often find myself thanking my father in heaven for: my body, my children, my life, my abilities. I feel most thankful for my body and all it can do when I run. I have great running partners, my sister in law Kris and one of my best friends Jenny. I am hoping to add in a few more fun running partners this summer while training for the Hobble creek half marathon.
  • Bucket List!! Deacon and I made a huge summertime bucket list and we are loving it. We made a list of all the rad things we want to do this summer big and small. We are having fun checking things off. Don't be fooled however, we added plenty of terrible things on there such as: learn how to make your bed (Deacon) run/walk 300 miles (me!) OK just two terrible things. And yes! I do know 300 is a lot, it sounded like a good/crazy goal, in case you are wondering it is about 23 miles per week. I am excited (crazy) about it!
  • Yard work. I would rather do all my blog readers laundry than one ounce of yard work. I want a nice looking yard, I want to kick yard work where it counts. 
  • The Great Gatsby. Did anyone see this? Is anyone else obsessed with the round rug in Daisy's house? Oh, no one else noticed? Just me? Well, I am obsessed with the million dollar round rug. Can someone please purchase it for me?
  • Cabin! Going to the family cabin this week! Translation: Going to eat, nap and laugh a lot this week!
  • Gwen baby, how can you be SIX MONTHS OLD!? You are my dreamboat and I love your laugh and smile when I sing you "Take me out to the ballgame"
  • Deacon boy, You said to me when I left the house to go to dinner with friends "Goodbye my gorgeous mommy!" you are a charmer and a complete joy.
There ya have it. Noted.