Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I spelled my name ya know.

Deacon is just full of information. Each time he tells me something he starts or ends with "ya know" like tonight in the bathtub he said "mom, I spelled my name ya know, D-E-A-C-O-N" Or when he was fresh out of the bath in his transformer jammies (Thank you Katie! Thank you Jaren!) and he said "I am awesome ya know" I wonder when we outgrow our amazing self esteem?

Gosh I hope Deacon never does, cause ya know, he is awesome.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Resolutions worth keeping

I have never been one for resolutions buuuuuuut this year I really wanted to make and keep some resolutions. For the month of January I have been killing it. Here are my resolutions:

1. Watch 3 full seasons of Parks and rec. via my mothers free netflix account (holla!) (also I think the character Ron Swanson was written with my Uncle Dave in mind, awesome) CHECK!

2. Take a hour each afternoon to snuggle and watch some Disney movie with Deacon. CHECK!

3. Go on a cruise with a bestie and dance too much, eat too much and get too little sleep. CHECK!

4. Try some new restaurants including the Copper Onion once and for all. CHECK!

5. Bake something Delicious every weekend. CHECK!

6. Stay up too late every night. CHECK!

7. Get my hair done by my favorite hairdresser in earth, pay way too much money. CHECK!

8. Visit with my Grandma and spend time with people I have missed. CHECK!

9. Listen to a lot of shizzy gangsta rap and crappy pop on Spotify during the worst hours of the day (3-5 in the afternoon, holy those hours are the dark ages!) CHECK!

10. Insert some goal about doing what married people do to create life way too much (you sorry you read this post? I am sorry I had to write it but you guys, this is my life!) CHECK!

My friends these are some lofty goals, I accomplished them all! Feel free to send me blue ribbons flowers and trophies, but no baked goods because good lord! I ate enough crap this month! Cheers to a February that is the exact opposite of January, well not totally different but hopefully I can find it in my heart to eat a few more vegtables and sleep a little more oh and I will never stop snuggling to Disney movies.