Saturday, June 18, 2011

A boy his dad and a baseball glove

When I got home from young womens the other night Deacon yelled to me from his room "Mom! Come see my new baseball glove!" I walked into his room to see Curtis lying in his bed next to him while he proudly had his (waaaaaay too big but still the smallest size) baseball glove on his little four year old hand. He was so pleased with himself and so enamored by his Dad.

This made me fall a little more in love with both the boy and his Dad. This is the beauty of being a parent is not the baseball glove that the Dad bought but it is the Dad lying next to his son talking shop about baseball and using his glove for his upcoming tee-ball league. It is the Dad taking the little boy to the store for a part for the air conditioning and coming out with a baseball glove. It is the Dad who we had to call the next morning at work to ask him if he knew where the beloved glove was, only to find that he had slid it under the boys mattress to help the glove wear in. This same Dad slid the baseball glove under the mattress again tonight and I am sure this Dad will cheer his boy on in many baseball games over the years.

I love sharing a life with this little family we created. The baseball glove was a simple reminder of how sweet my life is. Happy Fathers day to the Dad and husband we love to the ends of the earth.