Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cabin retreat

We had the BEST time with Cory and Katie at their families cabin. It really was not a cabin more like a luxury lodge. It was awesome.

These two dorks could not stop doing puzzles. I was also a dork reading the first two books of the Hunger Games non stop. Cory had a a real addiction and stayed up til three am alone finishing a puzzle of the city Manti. Wow.

The boys also fished in the stocked ponds on the property. It was so fun for the kids you just throw in fish food and the fish go crazy jumping, they loved it.

We took a quick trip to Vernal to see Corys sister and some dinasours.

I could not resist this picture of Katie workin away on her laptop. Awesome.

These two had an absolute love hate relationship. But pretty cute together.

There they are again looking pretty cute again.

Another big part of our cabin experience was eating, woah we ate a lot. Tons of good food. I no joke watched Cory put down five burritos one night. Pretty impressive. Thank you Harmons for inviting us we loved it.

Red Butte

Once the weather was cooler my friend Jamie and I decided to take our kids to Red Butte Gardens. I am kicking myself for not going all Summer. It was perfect. The kids ran around and played and we got to catch up. Deacon and cute Chase climbing on the lizards.

Loved this picture of Deacon and Chase sharing the drinking fountain, it looks like they were being sweet but really I caught the picture in a moment were the pushing each other was on hold.
The lizards were a popular spot for these two.

So was the fountain, they loved it. Jamies little guy Cohen was there as well but I guess I was too busy chatting and taking pictures of these two spazs. So much fun.

He is a Student

I really can not handle how big this boy is, going to preschool and being his own dude. So proud of him when he walked right up to the teacher and went into preschool with no lookin back. I shed one or two tears on my way home but mostly I just feel so proud of everything he is becoming.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little Down picked me right up

Sometimes when I have a rough day or week something surprising cheers me up. Tonight I went with my friend Kimi up to Silver Lake up big Cottonwood canyon. It is beautiful and a perfect little walk for Deacon. Not to mention the Fall foliage is out of this world right now. No other season awakens my senses quite like Fall.

We were walking around the boardwalk and had stopped right by another family looking out on the water and looked at the ducks. The family had a son with down syndrome with them, probably 10 years old. He immediately took to Deacon and they were laughing and pointing at the ducks together.

When we turned to leave the boy stepped right in front of me and gave me a big hug. I walked away with tears in my eyes. Something about the hard week I had had and this sweet boys kindness filled my heart. It is going to be a good week.