Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was made to cruise

Fifty things I love about the cruise:

1. all you can eat soft serve ice cream

2. sun glorious sun

3. Tons of time to read a delightful book ( which I have been meaning to tell you about Dad)

4. the best gal pal on a trip ever, Laura we had so much fun doing the same thimgs. The only thing that tore us apart was whe I refused to spend an entire day in the sauna.

5. Hot chocalote the first night at dinner and then every other night as Curtis said "for tradition"

6. taking a nap every day

7. delicious guacamole in Mexico

8. Having my bag stolen in Mexico only to chase after the fellow who stole it and demand it back and much to my suprise, him handing it over and saying "sorry" like it was an accident he stole my bag. Oh well, I got it back Wahoo!

9. haveing your room cleaned twice every day just so you could mess it up again.

10. Singing too much kareoke

11. Rose the kareoke queen who packed her own kareoke cds and was front and center every night to sing her horrible voice out.

12. the cheesiest shows ever and cheering and dancing like they were the Beatles

13. dressing up fancy

14. missing Deacon but not worrying about him once because I knew he was having a blast with Grandma and Grandpa and aunt Kris and cuz Bailey

15. the beautiful beach in Cabo, deadly waves but so pretty

16. seeing Matt get not one but two temporary tattoos while sipping a pinata (virgin pina colodas)

17. Pinatas!

18. Dancing my heart out at "Beauties" the ships night club, oh and it lived up to its name, they were some real beauties

19. hearing Don say "oh thats a screensaver" after every picture he took

20. seeing John perform as Elton John in the "Carnival Legends" cheesy show. I shoulda been Madonna...........

21. Curt being able to gamble it up while I basked in the sun, perfect

22. everyone playing in the beach in Mazatlan

23. Jake at the airport not knowing where our cruise was even going, just happy to be on a cruise

24. Curt and I doing our Love Shak kareoke and Matt saying " now I know why the married each other, because they are a perfect kareoke duo"

25. Curt singing Bon Jovi " Im a cowboy" awesome

26. Warm chocalote melting cake

27. Lots of pretty mexican treasures brought home

28. coming home to not freezing weather to ease me back to the real world

29. no cell phone, no texts just hanging out with friends

30. being completely stress free for one week

31. gettin a tan!

32. yelling "show me your yankee doodle!" to the dork who was singing Im a Yankee Doodle Dandy in the variety show, Sorry to offend you, but he deserved it.

33. Deacon loving the drum I bought him for 6 bucks and seeing him carry it everywhere

34. coming home to a house better than when you left it, seriously it was like I was on extreme home makeover. Curts parents did so many things to make our house better, from touching paint to hanging curtains to putting up baseboards and folding laundry. It was amazing, I was so happy to be home!

35. both of us taking the next day off of work and doing homey things like baked rolls and made corn chowder.

36. Dont act like you are sick of hearing about my cruise yet there is more acomin'

37. Matt saying on the last day "I am ready to swim home" because it was cold and we were bored

38. me choosing to not play Bingo and everyone else coming back and telling me how awful it was, that the Bingo lady was the worst ever. And then on the last day seeing her and telling her how much my friends all loved her Bingo while they just smiled.

39. finding the awesome bikini body shirt, always wanted one, and an american flag bikini to top it off! If only I could find that budweiser one piece........

40. people watching, oh the people watching

41. Curt saying to Don as me and Laura were trying to fall asleep "Lets talk about your dreams Don"

42. Flying Jetblue, WAHOO!

43. Tons of fresh fruit

44. PB&Js at midnight if you felt like it

45. a Walmart in Peurta Vallarta, NOT I hate that! Laura and I did not go there but the boys did and Curt bought a 18 dollar bottle of sunscreen, sucker!

46. the cute lady letting me a Laura try a million mexican dresses on until we finally found the right purchases

47. the amazing earrings in mazatlan for 3.50

48. the ice cream bar we did not find until the last day, boo!

49. Curtis Matt and Don buying endless soda cards and then realizing they would have to drink eight sodas a day to make it worth it. I think it is safe to say the to took that challenge seriously

50. Deacons face when we came home and seeing how excited he got, he has not stopped hugging our legs. It is great to go a vacation and come home to see the boy and pup you love!

Viva La Cruise!
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Warm up

These rolls were just a warm up to the three dozen or so I will be cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. MMMMM. Tis a wonder that I am not eight hundred pounds since all my posts are about baked goods.

Crunch Crunch

That was the sound the leaves made when Deacon squished them in his hand. Love you Fall.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something Inspirational

I was just reading my little brothers email for the week, (he is on a mission in Malaysia) and I was really struck by something he said so I thought I would share it with the world! (Or at least the three people who read my blog) He wrote:

hello everyone, chinese rocks, did ya know? I am having a really fun time with my new companion and alot of success. we are finding alot of people and having a good time teaching them. we seem to be having fun with alot of recent converts lately as well. After they get baptized they are supposed to hear all the discussions again, but sometimes you just need to put the lessons down and play uno with your recent converts...it is really fun to be a person sometimes and just have fun, show people here that we are just average people that also like to have fun.

I agree wholeheartedly. I think he is doing an excellent job.