Monday, January 28, 2013

The craziest thing

She has started sleeping too long in the night. Doesn't that just sound so ridiculous? All this time I have been working to teach her to sleep, in her crib and for long periods of time. I did not stop to think I would miss holding, rocking and kissing her in the dark quiet hours of the night. Ha!

Truthfully I am so glad she is sleeping more, it gives her the energy she needs to smile all the time, look cute and start to coo. I love love love Gwennie.

Having a baby around is such a delight. It is the kind of thing you never want to end but cant wait for the next step all at the same time. Super weird and super awesome all at once.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Family

 Here we are now, family of 4, I am still pinching myself. This month has absolutely been one of the best of my life (also one of the most draining, emotional etc. etc.) I wanted to record a little about how each family member is faring.

Deacon has been downright delightful. So helpful, sweet and loving. He is known for his high pitched voice in which he talks to the baby. One of my favorite things he says when he hears the baby crying "oh! you want your brother? Is that the problem?" He is always asking to teach the baby, saying "do you wanna learn?" and then he teaches her to clap or shake hands or whatever else. He has fallen right into the big brother role better than I could have ever asked for.

He is also still a major lego fanatic and is becoming such a wonderful reader, I LOVE when he brings new books home and reads them to me. He loves school and playing with his friends, and I love him. Last night he snuck into my arms in the middle of the night and I remembered just how thankful I am for my sweet firstborn boy.
 Me? Well I turned thirty, I can not complain, I have more than I could ever ask for. A new baby girl in time for Christmas and my birthday was sweeter than I ever knew possible. We celebrated simply but I made sure to have a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream, I ate that for more meals than I should admit. I think thirty will be great.
 This baby is a dream. She only cries when hungry or when she needs to be gently rocked to sleep. Loves a binky popped in her mouth and a bum pat. Is totally at home tucked in my sling (pictured above) and nurses like it is her job (and it is!) If I think about what it took to get her here and what a beautiful miracle she is I just cry. In the middle of the night I love holding her while she nurses and saying my prayers thanking God for all I have. To say I love her is just too simple a statement. I LOVE her.
I just love Curt's face in this picture, so funny. Here he is with the whole gang. Deacon loves spending one on one time with him and likewise. Curt stays so busy with work, playing basketball and taking care of us. He is a great dad and husband, even though a new baby throws everyone through a loop I am so glad we are in this together. Happy to be in this family we have created.