Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miriam turns six!

Lesley and baby Will. Doesn't she look so darn cute pregnant?
Me and my little family after Curt kept spraying Deacon with the hose, he loved it!
Me and the birthday girl.
A bunch of the family chit chatting.
The hit of the night was the candy bracelets, Deacon could not even stop chomping his for one minute.
Miriam and her Daddy about to blow out the candles.
Miriam and Evie, poor Evie was sick with the flu for the last days she was here. But she did manage to put on a party hat for the picture.
Cupcakes and cookies and party fun.
The birthday girl was very specific in her cupcake requests, how many did she eat? 0. Hilarious!
On the Scots last day here in Utah we celebrated Miriams' sixth birthsday. It was so much fun. It was great to celebrate with them since we are not usually together on Holidays and birthdays etc. She is such sweet girl who is so smart and lively. I love her. I loved decorating a bit for the party, shocker I know. Mostly I just loved spending time with my family.

The Cabin

Isaac and Grandma with the kids at Big springs.
I love this picture because it really depicts the dynamic between Deacon and Will. Will adores Deacon and thinks he is so funny, look at him laughing at whatever nonsense Deacon is up to.
Speaking of Will, he is at the best age, so funny and cute and usually always in a good mood.
The kids playing and eating some grapes.
Deacon at Big springs.
This is my favorite hour I spent at the cabin. It was a huge rainstorm and The kids all cuddles up to me and Deacon falls asleep, that never happens.
This also never happens, Isaac and I sitting next to each other at meal time. It is a long standing tradition that we sit miles away from each other at meals, we broke barriers that weekend.
This is at the paint pots, which for the record are not awesome.
The kids getting a little impatient waiting for Old Faithful.
One morning I went running and Deacon was sad when Lesley and Amelia told him where I went and he kept saying " I wanna go for a run!" So for the rest of the weekend I would take him outside for a run. He would walk for a minute and then say to me "Lets go for a run!" run for thirty seconds and then say " I a good runner! Lets walk today. We can run amorrow." Pretty cute.

A highlight of my summers is visiting our family cabin in Idaho. Pulling in to the dirt road always makes me happy. This trip to the cabin was even better because the Scots came! It was a mad house jam packed with fun. I was so glad I got to go and had so much fun laughing and hanging out with my family. Especially loves almost making Amelia pee her pants from laughing so hard.


My sister and her family have been visiting form Scotland for the past three weeks. They just left this morning and I feel lonely. The past few weeks have been total chaos and so much fun. Not much brings me the kind of joy that watching Deacon play with his cousins brings me. I realized I did not take enough pictures I think I was just trying to have as much fun as possible. Anyhow the above picture pretty much sums up our time together, awesome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some serious cute

While my sister and her family have been in town we had to get some Bickmore grandkid pictures. I love them so much. Of course Angie took them. I am so happy to have these pictures of these darling kids. It was quite a process and I am glad its over and we have these to show for it, TADA!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another year older and wiser too!

that is a Bickmore smile if I ever saw one

Happy Birthday to you! Today is my dads big 55. I don't think you want me to list 55 awesome things about him (I could though) so I will just go with 5 things.

1. He is such a good grandpa, loves his grand kids and dotes on them. They in turn adore him.
2. My Dad is very smart and a hard worker. Whenever I meet someone he works with they always rave about how great he is at what he does.
3. My dad is funny and likes to have fun even though sometimes he pretends to be grumpy even when he is not.
4. People love my dad and he really goes out of his way to befriend people and make them feel included.
5. He has always set a good example for me in a lot of different ways and I admire him for always trying to do what he believes to be right and good.
So five cheers for you dad, hip hip hip hip Hooray! Love you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Takes me back

Does this happen to you? It is so crazy to me how a song can take you screaming back to another time in your life. I guess smells and tastes do as well but nothing does it for me like a song. I was helping my mom clean her house yesterday when I heard a song I had put on a DVD of pictures I made for the family I nannied for 7 years ago. I was surprised when my eyed filled with tears and I remembered how much I loved being with them and all the memories of them. Just like Van Morrison reminds me of my Dad and Saturday morning chores.

Ben Folds reminds me of my brother Walker. Shawn Colvin makes me think of my mom. And boy does Pearl Jam make me think of love and my true love. I love the way James Taylor and Elton John take me back to my childhood and how I love listening to them and singing their songs to Deacon now. Something about music and a memory that makes me smile.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Deacon with cute aunt Kris sharing some patriotic fruit pizza I made.
Me Katie and Lainey all looking fantastic.
Curt and Deacon with the jumbo marshmallows Kris bought and Jaron later roasted over the fire pit.
Jaron roasting his marshmallows and Cory cracking a smile.
Try and tell me a 4th of July hot dog does not taste awesome. It did.
The crew hanging out around the fire pit.

Deacon and Lainey smooching.
Deacon heard a firework go off in the distance.
We had tons of fun on 4th of July weekend. We had a BBQ and watched fireworks from Curts sister Kris' backyard it was perfect. The Harmons joined in the fun and a good time was had by all.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Girls camp!

I did my fair share of relaxing/supervising. I felt a lot like my dad who spent half his life at scout camp doing the same thing.
Cute Eliza, we made her play some other girls guitar and serenade us because she is awesome.
This is our little "mail" system. It was so fun! I loved that when I got to camp I had so many sweet notes from the girls.
A bunch of the girls.
A bunch of the girls again and Chrissy at flag ceremony. This is where I watched a mouse sit perched on Sams foot for a full 30 seconds.
Most the girls and leaders who were at camp, a few were there before I got there so I missed them. (Holly, sad I missed my partner in crime)
This is me and Chrissie our President. She is so amazing I love everything about her.
I have found that you are either one of those people that loved Girls camp as a kid or hated it. I loved it so I was very excited to attend my first girls camp as a leader. It did not disappoint! I had a blast. We did so many fun things and I was only there for a day! We have such good girls in our ward who made the whole experience awesome for me and for each other. Love these girls.