Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer of bikinis and grilled cheese

Can I just say, this is the best summer so far. Deacon is swimming like a fish, I am supposed to be fat in a swimsuit and any time we feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day we can!

At the pool today I found myself comparing this summer to next summer. This summer I am eating grilled cheeses poolside and watching Deacon practice the breaststroke. NEXT summer I will be shading a baby from the sun and prooooooobably eating a lean piece of grilled chicken, ha!

That is the beauty in waiting for something you really want, I find myself basking in every minute of this summer with my favorite person in the world. How crazy is it that next summer I will have two kids to love and soak up every minute of?

One thing is for sure, I am pretty sure I will not be posting any bikini pics next summer.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I like

Just some things of note:

I like: freshly washed sheets and bedding, especially crisp white sheets.
I dislike: the flu, yuck. The flu took over our house this week, first Deacon, then me and a couple days later just to tease us, Curtis, say a quick prayer it does not hit Duke.
I like: swimming when it is hot. I realize I do not love the heat unless I am by a pool and then I LOVE it.
I like: watching Deacon swim like a little fish each time saying "I bet this will make you proud!" before swimming to me.
I dislike: The flu in the summertime. The flu is terrible always but I am here to tell you, the flu in the summer is the absolute WORST.
I like: Being pregnant.
I Dislike: Curtis saying this is our last baby, what does he know?
I like: Peach Fresca, also Black Cherry Fresca. Holy cow.
I like: Vacations. I wanna go somewhere.
I like: The house two doors down from me. Would it be weird to move two doors down?
I dislike: The new restaurant at the City Creek nordstrom. Speaking as someone who ate a shiz load of meals at the nordstrom cafe (old fashion place) the nordstrom bistro (new fashion place) the original nordstrom cafe has the best food of all three by a long shot.
I like: The pistachio chicken salad at the nordstrom cafe!
I like: Parks and Rec. even better than 30 Rock, and that is saying a lot.
I like: Pineapple, watermelon and anything fresh tasting.
I dislike: not blogging.
I like: that it took me waaaay longer to think of dislikes than it did likes. I am happy.