Monday, May 16, 2011

Deacon is four. Wowza. I can not believe it was four years ago that I first held him and looked at his sweet face and tiny body. This kid is THE best. I spend my day laughing and smiling at the crazy stuff he comes up with.

Some of my favorite things about this boy:

He loves to play outside, our next door neighbor is a little boy Mason who is one year older. Deacon will go outside and yell "Mason! Mason!" over and over again until Mason comes running out of his house and then they play forever. I just peek out the window every so often and see them happily playing.

Deacon is constantly saying to me "is that a deal mom? Is that a deal?" I love it. Makes me laugh every time.

Sometimes he pretends that he is going through a drive through and this is what he orders: "a large diet coke with fresh lime and a chocolate kids cone" hmmmm seems like we have a habit he and I.

Whenever he is hungry he opens the fridge for a string cheese a couple strawberries or a apple. I consistently find a apple with 6 bites out of it every other day or so.

Deacon is not especially cheerful in the morning, sometimes he wakes up in a terrible mood. When this happens I tell him I will not talk to him until he is happy, he then pouts and a minute or so later he says " I am happy now!" and he musters up a fake smile proving his happiness. Pretty funny.

I love the way he says girl: grill. He said to the girls at my work the other day "Hey Grills! Take it easy!"

All of Deacons friends are "his" my Will or my Thomas or my Owen. I think it is so darling.

It is becoming clearer every day how fast time is going, I wish I could stop right now and do the last four year all over again. I try to really love on him every chance I get. Words can not say how I feel about my Deacon. Being his mom is absolutely thrilling. Happy happy birthday Deacon, I am your biggest fan.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a birthday banner for my birthday boy

My boy turns four on Sunday. I can not even wrap my head around that. I am always trying to come up with ideas to make birthdays and holidays special and fun for my family, if they cost zero dollars even better! We are not really having any party for Deacon this year but I still wanted to have some fun in the air. And I wanted to celebrate all week!

I gathered up all sorts of cute pictures of Deacon through his 4 years, I always love looking back at all the sweet pictures and moments of his life.

I rigged up this little banner of pictures and added a few little notes about how I feel about that boy of mine. He was so excited to see his birthday banner, he commented on how cute the tiny baby was, when Curt came home from work he was so excited to show his dad. I want to sit in my living room all day and admire my sweet boy who is so big now! Compliments to Angie for all the photography, does anyone print off candid photos anymore?? Happy birthday week to my lovely Deacon.