Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best date night in awhile

Curtis loves Pearl jam. When we first started dating I liked Pearl Jam ya know Better man, daughter, Alive that kind of stuff. I now LOVE Pearl Jam. When we were dating Curt asked me what my favorite Pearl Jam album was and I started to respond Te....... when he so rudely interupted and said "dont you dare say ten, everyone loves ten." As cliche as it may sound (and I dont really care) Pearl Jam is the soundtrack to my relationship with Curtis. It was so fun to go to last nights show with him. Even more fun when we scored 2nd row tickets! It was awesome, definately the best showI have ever seen. This is how close we were, real close (just like Bear world) Seriously like 6 feet away.
Another view of the band.
The only (and awful) picture of the night. But it still is special to me because I love Going on such a fun date with this beard.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Its a bird its a plane!

It is vintage superman slippers! We inherited these when Curts Grandma Grace passed away. I am so glad we took them because Deacon loves them! So much that he slept all night with them on, pretty cute. Love that little boy.

Our weekend visitor

The almost one year old Will! It was so fun to have Will for a quick overnighter. Can you just see the look of pure joy on Deacons face? Love how cute these cousins are together, first thing Saturday morning Deacon said "See Will?"
I am sorry Will I tried my best to protect you for the monster Deacon, luckily Will just giggled and even laughed again when Deacon did it a second time!
I took Will and Deacon over to Annies for the day sinceI have no idea what to do with two kids, it turned out to be perfect because Will loved following Deacon and Alfie around, and they loved giving him his juice and playing with him. Annie and I could not get enough ofWill throwing his head waaaaaaaay back to drink his juice, so funny!
Will was very intruiged by Alfies curly hair, but aren't we all?
These two rats were all about trying to push poor sweet Will off the couch, priceless. Will is such a sweetie and seriously only cried to let you know he was awake from his nap. We love him!


You really only need two days to use up all your apples, go figure. So I recruited Laura (as I do with most of my baking projects) to come make an apple cake with me.
I recruited Michelle to come eat it, they both gave it a two thumbs up, hurray!

Laura slaving away. A very easy cake to make and so very yummy right out of the oven with vanilla ice cream.
Deacon decided to test most of the apples before I used them to make sure they were okay. i need to go pick some more apples! I still want to make a hommade pie and apple turnovers!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

can not go wrong

with a german apple pancake! Such a easy delish way to use up a few of those red delicious.
Here is the easy as (apple) pie recipe. You will need:
3 eggs
3/4 c milk
3/4 c flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 tablespoon butter
Preheat your oven to 450. Place the butter in the dish you will be baking in (I used a glass casserole dish) heat in the 450 degree oven until completely melted. Stir remaining ingredients until smooth, pour in dish over melted butter. Bake for 15 minutes then lower the temp to 350 and cook for 10 more minutes.
Apple delight on top:
Slice about 4-5 apples (peeled)
add to a saucepan of:
1/4 c butter
1/4 c sugar
lots of cinnamon and/nutmeg (i use about a tablespoon of just cinn.)
Stir often and cook just until the apples are tender, usually works out to be just when your pancake is done. This is a Bickmore family favorite and is so very yummy. Please someone make this! It really is that good! Hope you enjoy! I certainly did. Stay tuned for tomorrow apple cake!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A week in apples

I am so happy I got to pick all these shiny red apples off my sister in law Kris' tree. You should be happy too, because...................all week long I will be making delish apple delights! And as if it could not get any better I shall be posting pictures and recipies for your pleasure! Enjoy! I know I will.

The Day Stockton came over and played

Here is a photo recap of all the fun Deacon and Stock had today. Taking a quiet moment to watch toy story. Not quiet for long.
Very serious coloring. Each boy needed their own paper as to not have any meltdowns.

Deacon watched while Stockton flipped through the Ensign looking for pictures of Temples.

Cheesing it up for me during coloring. They were so cute standing next to each other coloring.

Dancing to our Favorite "you got a friend in me" on Toy story in the background.

Sharing some lunch after working up an appetite running down the hallway ten trillion times.
So glad we got to have Stockton over to play while Casi was with Aden in the NICU ( who is getting bigger and stronger everyday!) After Stockton left Deacon took a nap, when he woke up the first thing he said was "Stockton bye bye?" Deacon will be very happy to see Stock next week!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We went to the Dinasaur museaum today with my friend Ashlee and her little cutie pie Brielle. The kids loved it and I have to say it was really mellow not crowded and easy to do with 2 two year olds! Lucky us we went on a good day with not a lot of people. Having some lunch after a rowdy hour 1/2 doin dinasaur stuff. Is Brielle not such a doll? Love her!

They loved playing in the sand and water and I was suprised that when we left that part there was no fits just "bye bye water!"
Brielle enjoyed wearing a dino costume while Deacon made a giant pile of plastic dinasaur toys and showed them to each and every person around him.

Proof that I was there with him. He did not enjoy talking a picture with me.

That is some serious cuteness right there, these two had a blast together. Please not that Deacon wore his dinosaur shirt for the occasion.

Scenes from......

A Halloween house! Who cares that it is not October yet! It sure makes me happy. That jar is in some serious need of some pumpkin cookies, this week for sure.
I love the mixture of old photographs I always have up there with the halloween decor.

I love decarting my mantle for all Holidays. Even if it is just something simple. Everyone needs a mantle to decoarate.
I love you fall, stay longer than you usually do, will ya?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You got a friend in me.......

After a sort of frazzled evening I finally helped Deacon brush his teeth and got him into his bed. (only forty minutes or so past his bedtime) So I began the nighttime routine of saying a prayer saying goodnight to the moon outside his window and singing some songs. I started to sing a song and Deacon demanded "Woody sings!" which means "youve gotta friend in me!"

I really only know a couple lines and I just sing them over and over again until he is satisfied. Tonight however he sang right along for the first time ever, each time he sang the line "you gotta friend in me!" it was louder and right on tune with me. It made my whole heart feel like it would explode. I love that little guy of mine. Then when I stopped singing he grabbed my cheeks and seriously asked "Woody a cowboy?" You betcha.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome fall feast

To celebrate the change of seasons I decided for Sunday dinner we would have a fall feast! Have you caught on yet that I love fall? The Halloween decor is coming up next week like it or not. Unfortunatley I was too busy eating to take pictures of the company (Kris and Bailey, who came bearing a fall candle and cookies, and they did not even know about the theme! Love it!) or of the food (which was delish, even Deacon said"yummmm soup") I love fall and a theme! The delicious menu and the table, I had to throw some halloween in there, I just had to do it.

The festive table before we destroyed it eating ourselves sick. Curt loved the soup and ate two big bowls and then later said to himself "God forbid save some in a tupperware Curt and eat it later!" So funny.
These cupcakes were so yummy. Pumpkin with homemade cream cheese frosting and toasted almonds on top. All thanks to Joelle for giving me the mix, a true friend. You wanna come to a theme dinner/party? Anytime! I love it.

Must be indian summer

Cause I have my moccasins on. Welcome Autumn.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last cabin trip this Summer

Kicking the soccer ball for hours down the long dirt road.
Eating his nighly ice cream with Grandma out of the 100 year old tiny yellow bowls.
The outside of the cabin, love the Orme sign.

Painting with Grandma, he was constantly requesting to color.
On the top of Mt. Sawtelle. Scariest drive up with the most amazing 360 view.
Deacon not wanting to walk but not wanting to be carried, Will being an angel.
Chasing Grandma and Duke down the dirt road, he loved this.
I love this baby! So sweet. We laughed because when Lesley would check on him at night he would always be just fine and asleep but somehow each time Isaac checked on him he would come back with Will in his arms, we think he just wanted to play with him.
At big springs looking at some huge fish or as deacon thought, sharks, they really are that big!
Reading the cute boys a story after my evening run, too sweet.
I love the clouds in this picture, Grandma Papa and Deacon.
Deacon loving a poodle puppy at the antique show, is this puppy an antique?
Goodbye summer, we will miss you. In the wise words of Deacon "Love you cabin."