Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One week to go!

Can any one else believe Christmas is one week away? Deacon loooves the Christmas tree but more than anything he loves the presents underneath. Since we put it up I have let him play with one present( the one in the pictures) and he has adored it. He will lay on his back and just play and play with it, just yesterday he finally got the best of it. Looks like it will take him three years at that rate to open his presents Christmas morning! I hope everyone is having as wonderful a time as I am, I also hope everyone finds some time to do something for someone who really needs it this year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nice husband, even better Daddy

The flu has been at our house. Mostly for poor Curt but also me, pray it does not hit Deacon. So yesterday Curtis could not hold Deacon at all for fear he would pass it on. This morning as I was dragging my self to get ready a little I could hear Curtis playing with Deacon and Duke our dog. I heard Curtis say, " I love my little Family." Well I love my little family too and I love that Curtis loves his little boy and little puppy (which coincidentally he sometimes calls Deacon) so I am posting a couple pics of Curtis with two of his loves. Don't you just love the one of my niece and her soccer team?!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

One chubby baby!

I am posting this mainly to show off the rolls on Deacons arms. I have always known he was a chub but until I saw this picture on my full computer screen did I realize the magnitude of the situation. What an adorable baby I must say! Also I have never been so excited for Christmas, I can not wait to play Santa. I am all done shopping for Deacon, no one tell me anything cool to buy him because I am crazy and I will do it. Also I saw baby Owen and he is to die for! Post a picture Angie! Merry Christmas everyone hope you are filled with cheer!